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Departures: Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (Athens) [LGAV]
Arrival Time
AEE908A320Larnaca Int'l ()Tue 06:42PM EESTTue 08:00PM EEST
OAL154DH8DKavala Int'l, Megas Alexandros ()Tue 06:39PM EESTTue 07:25PM EEST
RYR54NCB738Paphos Int'l ()Tue 06:28PM EESTTue 07:43PM EEST
AFR1833A320Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Tue 05:54PM EESTTue 08:20PM CEST
AEE878A320Budapest Ferihegy Int'l ()Tue 05:50PM EESTTue 06:25PM CEST
AEE614A320Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Tue 05:31PM EESTTue 07:45PM CEST
OAL378DH8DMykonos Island National ()Tue 05:23PM EESTTue 05:54PM EEST05:54PM EEST (?)
AEE622A320Brussels ()Tue 05:14PM EESTTue 07:20PM CEST
AEE336A320Chania Int'l, Ioannis Daskalogiannis ()Tue 05:04PM EESTTue 05:38PM EESTTue 05:38PM EEST
OAL146DH8DAlexandroupolis Int'l, Dimokritos (Democritus) ()Tue 05:00PM EESTTue 05:49PM EESTTue 05:49PM EEST
OAL226DH8DKos Island Int'l, Ippokratis (Hippocrates) ()Tue 04:58PM EESTTue 05:37PM EESTTue 05:37PM EEST
AEE906A320Larnaca Int'l ()Tue 04:52PM EESTTue 06:05PM EESTTue 06:05PM EEST
AEE358A320Santorini (Thira) National ()Tue 04:47PM EESTTue 05:13PM EESTTue 05:13PM EEST
ASL513A320Belgrade Nikola Tesla Int'l ()Tue 04:44PM EESTTue 05:24PM CEST05:24PM CEST (?)
SWR1823A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Tue 04:42PM EESTTue 06:30PM CEST
AEE318A320Heraklion Int'l, Nikos Kazantzakis ()Tue 04:40PM EESTTue 05:15PM EESTTue 05:15PM EEST
DLH1279A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Tue 04:35PM EESTTue 06:28PM CEST
AEE210A320Rhodes Int'l, Diagoras ()Tue 04:34PM EESTTue 05:13PM EESTTue 05:13PM EEST
IBE3151A320Barajas Int'l ()Tue 04:27PM EESTTue 06:57PM CEST
OAL254DH8DMytilene Int'l, Odysseas Elytis ()Tue 04:25PM EESTTue 05:02PM EESTTue 05:02PM EEST
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