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Departures: Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (Athens) [LGAV]
Arrival Time
AMC783A320Malta Int'l (Luqa) ()Tue 12:49AM EESTTue 01:00AM CESTTue 01:08AM CEST
AEE928A320Ben Gurion Int'l ()Tue 12:06AM EESTTue 01:40AM IDTTue 01:49AM IDT
AEE936A320Beirut Air Base/Rafic Hariri Int'l (Beirut Int'l) ()Tue 12:03AM EESTTue 01:45AM EEST01:45AM EEST (?)
AEE940A320Queen Alia Int'l ()Mon 11:57PM EESTTue 01:55AM EESTTue 01:31AM EEST
AEE934A320Sharm El Sheikh ()Mon 11:55PM EESTTue 01:10AM EET
VLG6125A320Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Mon 11:29PM EESTTue 12:00AM CESTTue 12:09AM CEST
AEE328A321Heraklion Int'l, Nikos Kazantzakis ()Mon 10:59PM EESTMon 11:59PM EEST11:59PM EEST (?)
AEE136A320Thessaloniki Int'l, Makedonia ()Mon 10:27PM EESTMon 11:00PM EESTMon 11:00PM EEST
AEE344A320Chania Int'l, Ioannis Daskalogiannis ()Mon 10:19PM EESTMon 10:50PM EESTMon 10:50PM EEST
AEE910A320Larnaca Int'l ()Mon 10:16PM EESTMon 11:29PM EESTMon 11:29PM EEST
THY1844330Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Mon 10:13PM EESTMon 11:24PM EESTMon 11:24PM EEST
AEE218A320Rhodes Int'l, Diagoras ()Mon 09:57PM EESTMon 10:35PM EESTMon 10:36PM EEST
RYR28B738Thessaloniki Int'l, Makedonia ()Mon 09:47PM EESTMon 10:30PM EEST10:30PM EEST (?)
AEE362A320Santorini (Thira) National ()Mon 09:45PM EESTTue 08:12PM EEST
AMC782A320Sofia Int'l (Vrazhdebna) ()Mon 09:20PM EESTMon 10:29PM EESTMon 10:19PM EEST
AEE406A320Ioannis Kapodistrias Int'l ()Mon 08:57PM EESTMon 09:40PM EESTMon 09:40PM EEST
AEE322A321Heraklion Int'l, Nikos Kazantzakis ()Mon 08:46PM EESTMon 09:17PM EESTMon 09:17PM EEST
AEE128A320Thessaloniki Int'l, Makedonia ()Mon 08:37PM EESTMon 09:10PM EESTMon 09:10PM EEST
OAL166DH8DIoannina National ()Mon 08:22PM EESTMon 09:10PM EESTMon 09:10PM EEST
BAW633767London Heathrow ()Mon 08:16PM EESTMon 10:41PM BSTMon 10:33PM BST
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