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En Route/Scheduled to LFSB Basle-Mulhouse Airport (Basel) [LFSB]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
CLH2400CRJ9Munich Int'l ()Sat 06:50PM CETSat 06:57PM CETSat 07:42PM CET
EZY1134A320Porto / Oporto ()Sat 05:20PM WETSat 05:18PM WETSat 08:30PM CET
BER2611A320Gran Canaria Int'l ()Sat 03:20PM WETSat 03:33PM WETSat 08:33PM CET
WZZ7771A320Ohrid "St. Paul the Apostle" Airport ()Sat 06:55PM CETSat 09:05PM CET
EZY1180A319Santiago de Compostela ()Sat 07:30PM CETSat 09:35PM CET
EZS1180A320Santiago de Compostela ()Sat 07:30PM CETSat 09:35PM CET
KLM1991E190Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sat 08:30PM CETSat 09:35PM CET
BAW756A319London Heathrow ()Sat 07:10PM GMTSat 09:42PM CET
QTR8285A332London Stansted ()Sat 07:40PM GMTSat 09:55PM CET
EZS1250Arrecife (Lanzarote) ()Sat 05:25PM WETSat 05:32PM WETSat 10:35PM CET
EZY1250A320Arrecife (Lanzarote) ()Sat 05:25PM WETSat 10:42PM CET
EZS1084Alicante ()Sat 08:35PM CETSat 10:45PM CET
EZY1084A319Alicante ()Sat 08:35PM CETSat 10:45PM CET
EZY1198A320Larnaca Int'l ()Sat 07:55PM EETSat 10:53PM CET
EZY1140A320Gran Canaria Int'l ()Sat 05:15PM WETSat 10:53PM CET
EZS1198Larnaca Int'l ()Sat 07:55PM EETSat 10:53PM CET
EZS1140Gran Canaria Int'l ()Sat 05:15PM WETSat 05:43PM WETSat 10:53PM CET
EZY1160A319Menara Int'l ()Sat 06:35PM WETSat 10:55PM CET
EZS1160Menara Int'l ()Sat 06:35PM WETSat 10:55PM CET
EZY1222A320El Matorral ()Sat 05:40PM WETSat 10:57PM CET
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