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Scheduled Departures: Paris Orly Airport (Orly (near Paris)) [LFPO]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
TVF3516B738Santorini (Thira) National ()Sat 06:00AM CESTSat 10:20AM EEST
EZY4223A320Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Sat 06:00AM CESTSat 10:00AM EEST
TVF3412B738Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Sat 06:05AM CESTSat 07:30AM WEST
AAF311A320Porto / Oporto ()Sat 06:10AM CESTSat 07:05AM WEST
TVF3002B738Al Massira (Inezgane) ()Sat 06:10AM CESTSat 08:40AM WEST
TVF3014B738Menara Int'l ()Sat 06:15AM CESTSat 08:35AM WEST
TVF3332B738Naples Int'l (Capodichino) ()Sat 06:15AM CESTSat 08:20AM CEST
TVF3040B738Saiss ()Sat 06:20AM CESTSat 08:10AM WEST
TVF3312B738Palermo Int'l (Punta Raisi Falcone-Borsellino) ()Sat 06:20AM CESTSat 08:35AM CEST
TVF3022B738Angads ()Sat 06:20AM CESTSat 08:00AM WEST
AFR7564A321Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro ()Sat 06:25AM CESTSat 07:50AM CEST
EZY4211A320Galileo Galilei (Pisa Int'l) ()Sat 06:25AM CESTSat 07:55AM CEST
EZY4207A320Casale ()Sat 06:30AM CESTSat 08:45AM CEST
TVF3410B738Porto / Oporto ()Sat 06:30AM CESTSat 07:35AM WEST
TAP447A319Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Sat 06:30AM CESTSat 07:45AM WEST
TVF3298B738Djerba-Zarzis Int'l ()Sat 06:30AM CESTSat 08:15AM CET
TVF3522B738Athens Int'l, Eleftherios Venizelos ()Sat 06:30AM CESTSat 10:40AM EEST
TVF3428A320Faro ()Sat 06:40AM CESTSat 08:05AM WEST
VLG1983A321Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Sat 06:40AM CESTSat 07:55AM WEST
TVF3274B738Tunis-Carthage Int'l ()Sat 06:45AM CESTSat 08:05AM CET
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