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En Route/Scheduled to LFPO Paris Orly Airport (Orly (near Paris)) [LFPO]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
TVF3051B738Amsterdam Schiphol ()Fri 09:45AM CESTFri 11:10AM CEST
RLA7391AT72Lorient South Brittany ()Fri 10:40AM CESTFri 11:55AM CEST
CCM772A320Ajaccio Campo dell'Oro ()Fri 10:20AM CESTFri 11:57AM CEST
CCM782A320Bastia Poretta ()Fri 10:25AM CESTFri 12:01PM CEST
RAM780B738Sale ()Fri 07:35AM WETFri 12:08PM CEST
RLA222AT43Brive-Souillac ()Fri 11:00AM CESTFri 12:11PM CEST
RAM760B738Mohammed V Int'l ()Fri 07:20AM WETFri 12:24PM CEST
AAF288A319Mohamed Boudiaf Int'l ()Fri 09:40AM CETFri 12:37PM CEST
RLA242AT43Agen-La Garenne ()Fri 11:00AM CESTFri 12:37PM CEST
RLA712CRJ7Tarbes-Lourdes Pyrenees ()Fri 11:10AM CESTFri 12:43PM CEST
RLA262AT43Castres-Mazamet ()Fri 10:55AM CESTFri 12:49PM CEST
AAF312A320Porto / Oporto ()Fri 09:40AM WESTFri 01:12PM CEST
TVF3015B738Menara Int'l ()Fri 08:40AM WETFri 01:39PM CEST
TVF3503B738Heraklion Int'l, Nikos Kazantzakis ()Fri 11:20AM EESTFri 01:57PM CEST
RAM640B738Menara Int'l ()Fri 09:05AM WETFri 02:03PM CEST
RAM662B738Al Massira (Inezgane) ()Fri 09:00AM WETFri 02:20PM CEST
SDM6637B738Vnukovo ()Fri 11:10AM MSKFri 02:30PM CEST
CCM784A320Bastia Poretta ()Fri 12:45PM CESTFri 02:36PM CEST
TAR71832ATunis-Carthage Int'l ()Fri 10:20AM CETFri 02:52PM CEST
AAF262A320Es Senia ()Fri 10:20AM CETFri 03:00PM CEST
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