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Departures: Paris Orly Airport (Orly (near Paris)) [LFPO]
Arrival Time
CRL910Roland Garros ()Sat 09:23PM CETSun 11:48AM RET
TAP457A319Porto / Oporto ()Sat 09:08PM CETSat 09:51PM WET
AFR642B77WRoland Garros ()Sat 09:04PM CETSun 10:25AM RET
AAF221A320Houari Boumedienne ()Sat 08:47PM CETSat 10:42PM CET
AFR6220A319Nice Cote d'Azur ()Sat 08:46PM CETSat 09:48PM CET
TAR635A320Djerba-Zarzis Int'l ()Sat 08:39PM CETSat 11:14PM CET
TAP439A319Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Sat 08:28PM CETSat 09:28PM WET
AEA1026B738Barajas Int'l ()Sat 08:24PM CETSat 09:58PM CET
AFR6142A321Toulouse-Blagnac ()Sat 08:05PM CETSat 08:55PM CETSat 09:02PM CET
PGT874B738Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Int'l ()Sat 08:01PM CETSun 12:01AM EET
VLG8021A320Barcelona Int'l ()Sat 07:59PM CETSat 09:19PM CETSat 09:09PM CET
AAA7388AT45Nantes Atlantique ()Sat 07:49PM CETSat 08:50PM CETSat 08:50PM CET
AFR6270A320Bordeaux-Merignac ()Sat 07:42PM CETSat 08:32PM CETSat 08:32PM CET
BAW337A319London Heathrow ()Sat 07:40PM CETSat 07:39PM GMTSat 07:40PM GMT
TAR723A320Tunis-Carthage Int'l ()Sat 07:37PM CETSat 09:35PM CETSat 09:25PM CET
DAH1007A332Houari Boumedienne ()Sat 07:31PM CETSat 09:31PM CET09:31PM CET (?)
AZA353A319Linate ()Sat 07:26PM CETSat 08:27PM CETSat 08:27PM CET
AFR6140A319Toulouse-Blagnac ()Sat 07:17PM CETSat 08:14PM CETSat 08:14PM CET
JAF6296B738Al Massira (Inezgane) ()Sat 07:16PM CETSat 09:31PM WET
BZH7370CRKBrest Bretagne ()Sat 07:13PM CETSat 08:04PM CETSat 08:04PM CET
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