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Scheduled Departures: Nice Cote d'Azur Airport (Nice) [LFMN]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
HS500AS50Monaco Heliport ()Tue 11:43AM CETTue 11:48AM CET
AML5125EC30Monaco Heliport ()Tue 11:44AM CETTue 11:49AM CET
HS501AS50Monaco Heliport ()Tue 11:44AM CETTue 11:49AM CET
AML5127EC30Monaco Heliport ()Tue 11:45AM CETTue 11:50AM CET
CCM309AT72Calvi Sainte-Catherine ()Tue 11:50AM CETTue 12:23PM CET
HS502AS50Monaco Heliport ()Tue 12:13PM CETTue 12:18PM CET
HS503AS50Monaco Heliport ()Tue 12:14PM CETTue 12:19PM CET
AML5129EC30Monaco Heliport ()Tue 12:14PM CETTue 12:19PM CET
AML5131EC30Monaco Heliport ()Tue 12:15PM CETTue 12:20PM CET
HS504AS50Monaco Heliport ()Tue 12:43PM CETTue 12:48PM CET
HS505AS50Monaco Heliport ()Tue 12:44PM CETTue 12:49PM CET
AML5133EC30Monaco Heliport ()Tue 12:44PM CETTue 12:49PM CET
AML5135EC30Monaco Heliport ()Tue 12:45PM CETTue 12:50PM CET
DLA2273E190Munich Int'l ()Tue 01:05PM CETTue 02:20PM CET
BEL3618A320Brussels ()Tue 01:10PM CETTue 02:40PM CET
AFL2471A320Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Tue 01:10PM CETTue 06:27PM MSK
HS506AS50Monaco Heliport ()Tue 01:13PM CETTue 01:18PM CET
HS507AS50Monaco Heliport ()Tue 01:14PM CETTue 01:19PM CET
AML5137EC30Monaco Heliport ()Tue 01:14PM CETTue 01:19PM CET
AML5139EC30Monaco Heliport ()Tue 01:15PM CETTue 01:20PM CET
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