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Arrivals: Malaga Airport (Malaga) [LEMG]
RYR2525B738Goteborg ()Fri 11:26AM CESTFri 03:16PM CEST
SWR2114A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Fri 12:49PM CESTFri 03:13PM CEST
IBK5071B738Copenhagen ()Fri 11:39AM CESTFri 03:11PM CEST
VP-CHWBarcelona Int'l ()Fri 01:43PM CESTFri 03:05PM CEST
SBI869A320Domodedovo Int'l ()Fri 10:36AM MSKFri 03:04PM CEST
BMS2UQTurin Int'l (Torino Caselle) ()Fri 12:33PM CESTFri 02:58PM CEST
VLG1628A320Asturias ()Fri 01:44PM CESTFri 02:58PM CEST
BEL3735A320Brussels ()Fri 12:27PM CESTFri 02:56PM CEST
AFL2620B738Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Fri 10:32AM MSKFri 02:52PM CEST
BMS4025B735Turin Int'l (Torino Caselle) ()Fri 12:33PM CESTFri 02:48PM CEST
IBK1EBCologne Bonn ()Fri 11:33AM CESTFri 02:42PM CEST
DLH1834A320Munich Int'l ()Fri 11:54AM CESTFri 02:40PM CEST
RYR2532B738Billund ()Fri 11:08AM CESTFri 02:35PM CEST
VLG2125A320Barcelona Int'l ()Fri 01:17PM CESTFri 02:33PM CEST
VLG1877A320Copenhagen ()Fri 10:55AM CESTFri 02:27PM CEST
IBK5105B738Cologne Bonn ()Fri 11:42AM CESTFri 02:25PM CEST
RYR1916B738Brussels South Charleroi ()Fri 11:55AM CESTFri 02:23PM CEST
EZY7435A319London Southend ()Fri 10:24AM BSTFri 02:13PM CEST
RYR2534B738Milan Rastislav Stefanik (Bratislava) ()Fri 11:02AM CESTFri 02:08PM CEST
RYR2943B738Brussels ()Fri 11:11AM CESTFri 01:50PM CEST
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