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Arrivals: Malaga Airport (Malaga) [LEMG]
RYR7054B738Dublin Int'l ()Sat 05:41PM ISTSat 09:09PM CEST
EZY8611A319London Gatwick ()Sat 05:51PM BSTSat 09:07PM CEST
MON736A321London Gatwick ()Sat 05:49PM BSTSat 09:03PM CEST
RYR3232B738Manchester ()Sat 05:30PM BSTSat 08:59PM CEST
RYR2273B738Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Sat 05:33PM CESTSat 08:57PM CEST
RYR9901B738Cork Int'l ()Sat 05:36PM ISTSat 08:54PM CEST
EZY2735A320Malpensa Int'l ()Sat 06:30PM CESTSat 08:49PM CEST
RYR4458B738East Midlands ()Sat 05:12PM BSTSat 08:41PM CEST
VLG2119A320Barcelona Int'l ()Sat 07:21PM CESTSat 08:36PM CEST
SAS4813A320Oslo, Gardermoen ()Sat 04:47PM CESTSat 08:34PM CEST
EXS893B752Manchester ()Sat 05:13PM BSTSat 08:34PM CEST
RYR1315B738Belfast Int'l ()Sat 04:55PM BSTSat 08:32PM CEST
RYR2446B738Leeds Bradford Int'l ()Sat 05:03PM BSTSat 08:32PM CEST
EWG2536Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Sat 05:43PM CESTSat 08:24PM CEST
NAX4223B738Stockholm-Arlanda ()Sat 04:18PM CESTSat 08:22PM CEST
BEL3737A320Brussels ()Sat 05:43PM CESTSat 08:15PM CEST
WZZ428Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Sat 04:43PM CESTSat 08:12PM CEST
EIN586A321Dublin Int'l ()Sat 04:37PM ISTSat 08:06PM CEST
LGL661B738Luxembourg Int'l ()Sat 05:30PM CESTSat 08:03PM CEST
EXS265B738Leeds Bradford Int'l ()Sat 04:26PM BSTSat 08:01PM CEST
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