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Scheduled Departures: Barajas Int'l Airport (Madrid) [LEMD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ANE8982CRJ9Valencia ()Tue 10:50PM CESTTue 11:31PM CEST
ANE8878CRJ9Santander ()Tue 09:35PM CESTTue 10:20PM CEST
ANE8396CRJ9Alicante ()Tue 09:35PM CESTTue 10:30PM CEST
ANE8508CRJ9Jerez ()Tue 09:30PM CESTTue 10:25PM CEST
ANE8600CRJ2Almeria Int'l ()Tue 09:30PM CESTTue 10:25PM CEST
ANE8954CRKMenorca ()Tue 08:20PM CESTTue 09:40PM CEST
ANE8996AT72Valencia ()Tue 08:15PM CESTTue 09:10PM CEST
ANE8526CRJ9Pamplona ()Tue 08:10PM CESTTue 08:55PM CEST
EWG951532ADusseldorf Int'l ()Tue 07:20PM CESTTue 09:30PM CEST
BER8963A321Tegel Int'l ()Tue 05:45PM CESTTue 08:25PM CEST
ANE8394CRJ9Alicante ()Tue 05:00PM CESTTue 05:55PM CEST
ANE8794AT72Melilla ()Tue 04:35PM CESTTue 06:10PM CEST
ANE8876CRJ9Santander ()Tue 04:30PM CESTTue 05:15PM CEST
ANE8976CRJ9Valencia ()Tue 04:10PM CESTTue 04:55PM CEST
ANE8504CRJ9Jerez ()Tue 04:10PM CESTTue 05:05PM CEST
ANE8592AT72Almeria Int'l ()Tue 04:00PM CESTTue 05:20PM CEST
ANE8524CRJ2Pamplona ()Tue 04:00PM CESTTue 04:45PM CEST
CUB471IL96Antonio Maceo Int'l ()Tue 03:15PM CESTTue 06:55PM CDT
EWG751332AHamburg ()Tue 02:05PM CESTTue 04:45PM CEST
ANE8536CRJ9Pamplona ()Tue 12:55PM CESTTue 01:40PM CEST
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