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Scheduled Departures: Barajas Int'l Airport (Madrid) [LEMD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AEA193B788El Dorado Int'l ()Wed 03:00PM CETWed 07:08PM COT
AEA51A333Jose Marti Int'l ()Wed 03:15PM CETWed 06:50PM CST
AEA71A332Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Wed 03:20PM CETWed 07:14PM VET
AEA97B788Miami Intl ()Wed 03:25PM CETWed 06:15PM EST
SWR2027A320Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 03:30PM CETWed 06:01PM CET
IBE476A321Asturias ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 04:38PM CET
IBE438A320Bilbao ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 04:30PM CET
IBE3130A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 06:11PM CET
IBE3474A319Zurich (Kloten) ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 05:55PM CET
IBE3254A320Malpensa Int'l ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 05:45PM CET
IBE534A319Vigo-Peinador ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 04:55PM CET
IBE404A319Jerez ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 04:46PM CET
IBE3102A320Lisbon / Lisboa,Portela (Lisbon) ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 03:38PM WET
IBE3214A321Brussels ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 05:55PM CET
IBE524A319La Coruna ()Wed 03:45PM CETWed 04:42PM CET
IBE3132A321Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 03:50PM CETWed 06:15PM CET
IBS3944A320Tenerife North (Los Rodeos) ()Wed 03:50PM CETWed 05:30PM WET
IBE3192A320Munich Int'l ()Wed 03:50PM CETWed 06:20PM CET
IBS3838A321Gran Canaria Int'l ()Wed 03:50PM CETWed 05:35PM WET
IBE3122A319Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Wed 03:50PM CETWed 06:35PM CET
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