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En Route/Scheduled to LEMD Barajas Int'l Airport (Madrid) [LEMD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ANE8397CRKAlicante ()Fri 06:00AM CESTFri 06:08AM CESTFri 06:55AM CEST
IBE6674A346Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Thu 04:35PM VETThu 05:34PM VETFri 07:09AM CEST
ANE8529CRJ9Pamplona ()Fri 06:30AM CESTFri 06:40AM CESTFri 07:13AM CEST
AVA26A332El Dorado Int'l ()Thu 02:33PM COTThu 04:44PM COTFri 07:18AM CEST
ANE8993AT72Valencia ()Fri 06:25AM CESTFri 07:25AM CEST
IBS3917A320Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Fri 06:35AM CESTFri 06:42AM CESTFri 07:27AM CEST
IBS3803A320Ibiza ()Fri 06:45AM CESTFri 06:53AM CESTFri 07:28AM CEST
RYR2052B738Palma de Mallorca (or Son Sant Joan) ()Fri 06:25AM CESTFri 06:40AM CESTFri 07:30AM CEST
AAL36B772Dallas/Fort Worth Intl ()Thu 03:25PM CDTThu 03:50PM CDTFri 07:33AM CEST
AEA7232E190La Coruna ()Fri 06:50AM CESTFri 06:48AM CESTFri 07:34AM CEST
UAL163B752Washington Dulles Intl ()Thu 05:45PM EDTThu 06:29PM EDTFri 07:36AM CEST
IBE6274A333Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 04:40PM CDTThu 05:01PM CDTFri 07:37AM CEST
IBS3961A320Vigo-Peinador ()Fri 06:45AM CESTFri 06:52AM CESTFri 07:41AM CEST
IBE511A319La Coruna ()Fri 06:45AM CESTFri 06:53AM CESTFri 07:42AM CEST
QTR147B77WNear DohaFri 02:13AM ASTFri 02:13AM ASTFri 07:42AM CEST
IBS3895A320Santiago de Compostela ()Fri 06:45AM CESTFri 06:51AM CESTFri 07:42AM CEST
ANE8501CRKJerez ()Fri 06:55AM CESTFri 06:59AM CESTFri 07:44AM CEST
IBE6124A333Miami Intl ()Thu 04:55PM EDTThu 05:36PM EDTFri 07:44AM CEST
ETH712B763Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Fri 05:45AM CESTFri 05:48AM CESTFri 07:50AM CEST
IBE443A320Bilbao ()Fri 06:50AM CESTFri 07:50AM CEST
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