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En Route/Scheduled to LDZA Zagreb Pleso Airport (Zagreb) [LDZA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
THY1053A321Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Mon 08:50AM EESTMon 09:55AM EESTMon 10:24AM CEST
GWI2976A319Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Mon 09:50AM CESTMon 10:04AM CESTMon 10:53AM CEST
CTN441DH8DVienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Mon 10:10AM CESTMon 10:18AM CESTMon 10:57AM CEST
CTN417A320Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 10:05AM CESTMon 11:20AM CEST
CTN457E190Brussels ()Mon 09:45AM CESTMon 09:54AM CESTMon 11:35AM CEST
BAW848A320London Heathrow ()Mon 08:30AM BSTMon 08:52AM BSTMon 11:40AM CEST
AFL2040A319Near MoscowMon 10:34AM MSKMon 10:34AM MSKMon 12:13PM CEST
CTN461DH8DZurich (Kloten) ()Mon 11:45AM CESTMon 01:10PM CEST
CTN451A319Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 11:20AM CESTMon 01:15PM CEST
CTN481A319Copenhagen ()Mon 11:20AM CESTMon 01:15PM CEST
VLG1272A320Barcelona Int'l ()Mon 11:45AM CESTMon 01:40PM CEST
CTN663DH8DDubrovnik ()Mon 12:35PM CESTMon 01:40PM CEST
DLH1414A321Frankfurt Int'l ()Mon 12:25PM CESTMon 01:45PM CEST
AUA683F100Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Mon 01:00PM CESTMon 01:55PM CEST
CTN667DH8DDubrovnik ()Mon 01:20PM CESTMon 02:25PM CEST
CTN345DH8DSarajevo Int'l ()Mon 04:15PM CESTMon 05:05PM CEST
CTN673DH8DPula ()Mon 04:30PM CESTMon 05:10PM CEST
CTN665A319Dubrovnik ()Mon 04:20PM CESTMon 05:15PM CEST
CTN369A319Skopje ()Mon 04:00PM CESTMon 05:15PM CEST
CTN655DH8DSplit ()Mon 05:15PM CESTMon 06:05PM CEST
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