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Departures: Sofia Airport Airport (Sofia) [LBSF]
Arrival Time
WZZ4301A320London Luton ()Thu 06:42AM EETThu 07:37AM GMTThu 07:36AM GMT
RYR6308B738Ciampino (Giovan Battista Pastine) ()Thu 07:14AM EETThu 07:55AM CETThu 07:46AM CET
OE-LDGVienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Thu 08:29AM EETThu 08:47AM CETThu 08:47AM CET
BIRD1Sofia Airport ()Thu 08:30AM EETThu 08:42AM EETThu 08:42AM EET
LZB301E190Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Thu 10:41AM EETThu 11:14AM CETThu 11:14AM CET
EZS1483Pristina Int'l ()Thu 11:14AM EETThu 11:18AM CETThu 11:02AM CET
EZY8974A320London Gatwick ()Thu 12:02PM EETThu 01:29PM GMTThu 01:25PM GMT
FOLLOW1Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Thu 12:06PM EETThu 11:23AM CETThu 11:23AM CET
BIRD1Sofia Airport ()Thu 12:10PM EETThu 12:28PM EETThu 12:28PM EET
RYR9962B738London Stansted ()Thu 12:40PM EETThu 01:39PM GMTThu 01:39PM GMT
EZY1932A320Manchester ()Thu 01:09PM EETThu 02:47PM GMTThu 02:41PM GMT
WZZ1313Orio al Serio Int'l ()Thu 01:52PM EETThu 02:33PM CETThu 02:33PM CET
RYR6015B738Dublin Int'l ()Thu 02:37PM EETThu 04:18PM GMTThu 04:11PM GMT
BIRD1Sofia Airport ()Thu 03:04PM EETThu 03:05PM EETThu 03:05PM EET
WZZ4303A320London Luton ()Thu 03:07PM EETThu 04:05PM GMTThu 04:05PM GMT
LZ-PLOMalaga ()Thu 03:53PM EETThu 06:22PM CETThu 06:22PM CET
RYR6415B738Galileo Galilei (Pisa Int'l) ()Thu 04:31PM EETThu 05:15PM CETThu 05:09PM CET
RYR6405B738Hamburg ()Thu 06:20PM EETThu 07:40PM CETThu 07:39PM CET
OE-LDFVienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Thu 06:49PM EETThu 07:04PM CETThu 07:04PM CET
WZZ2472A320Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport ()Thu 07:28PM EETThu 07:31PM CETThu 07:28PM CET
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