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Departures: Vero Beach Muni Airport (Vero Beach, FL) [KVRB]
Arrival Time
N562PUP28AMelbourne Intl ()Fri 11:27PM EDTFri 11:45PM EDT
N559PUP28AOkeechobee County ()Fri 10:53PM EDTFri 11:27PM EDTFri 11:27PM EDT
N901FCMelbourne Intl ()Fri 10:39PM EDTFri 11:32PM EDT
N901FCP28AMelbourne Intl ()Fri 10:38PM EDTFri 11:02PM EDTFri 11:02PM EDT
N558PUP28APalm Beach Co Glades ()Fri 08:59PM EDTFri 09:32PM EDTFri 09:36PM EDT
N7709JPA44Ormond Beach Muni ()Fri 08:52PM EDTFri 09:45PM EDTFri 09:48PM EDT
N559PUP28AOkeechobee County ()Fri 08:45PM EDTFri 09:30PM EDTFri 09:30PM EDT
N559PUP28AOkeechobee County ()Fri 08:45PM EDTFri 10:23PM EDTFri 10:23PM EDT
N902FCP28AFort Lauderdale Executive ()Fri 08:45PM EDTFri 09:59PM EDTFri 09:59PM EDT
N562PUP28AMelbourne Intl ()Fri 08:40PM EDTFri 09:41PM EDTFri 09:41PM EDT
N562PUP28AMelbourne Intl ()Fri 08:40PM EDTFri 09:07PM EDTFri 09:07PM EDT
N901FCP28AMelbourne Intl ()Fri 08:33PM EDTFri 09:10PM EDTFri 09:10PM EDT
DPJ226BE40Jacksonville Intl ()Fri 07:22PM EDTFri 08:02PM EDTFri 08:09PM EDT
N7719XPA44Savannah/Hilton Head Intl ()Fri 06:48PM EDTFri 08:44PM EDTFri 08:46PM EDT
N858GKPA46Naples Muni ()Fri 06:23PM EDTFri 07:18PM EDTFri 07:18PM EDT
N562PUP28AMelbourne Intl ()Fri 06:20PM EDTFri 07:19PM EDT07:19PM EDT (?)
N901FCP28ANorth Palm Beach County General Aviation ()Fri 06:10PM EDTFri 07:10PM EDTFri 06:54PM EDT
SUP818PC12Page Field ()Fri 06:07PM EDTFri 06:40PM EDTFri 06:46PM EDT
N559PUP28AMelbourne Intl ()Fri 06:03PM EDTFri 06:29PM EDTFri 06:29PM EDT
N9247VP28AMelbourne Intl ()Fri 05:56PM EDTFri 06:29PM EDTFri 06:29PM EDT
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