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Arrivals: Tacoma Narrows Airport (Tacoma, WA) [KTIW]
N6402QM20PArlington Muni ()Sat 10:20AM PSTSat 10:45AM PST
N819PSC182Tacoma Narrows ()Sat 08:20AM PSTSat 10:51AM PST
N238USDA42Boeing Field Intl ()Sat 11:24AM PSTSat 11:40AM PST
N115LWC172Crest Airpark ()Sat 12:05PM PSTSat 12:24PM PST
N963JAC172Renton Muni ()Sat 12:32PM PSTSat 12:54PM PST
N520PLC172Tacoma Narrows ()Sat 12:20PM PSTSat 01:05PM PST
N7963GC172Tacoma Narrows ()Sat 01:21PM PSTSat 01:45PM PST
N856DSDA40Boeing Field Intl ()Sat 01:53PM PSTSat 02:03PM PST
N899VLRV12Tacoma Narrows ()Sat 12:11PM PSTSat 02:13PM PST
N1346RAA5Snohomish County ()Sat 12:38PM PSTSat 02:27PM PST
N444ZZTacoma Narrows ()Sat 02:19PM PSTSat 02:29PM PST
N6230GC182Tacoma Narrows ()Sat 02:33PM PSTSat 02:39PM PST
N611EKC172Boeing Field Intl ()Sat 02:37PM PSTSat 02:56PM PST
N170UWTacoma Narrows ()Sat 03:04PM PSTSat 03:13PM PST
N2391MC172Pierce County ()Sat 03:53PM PSTSat 04:08PM PST
N4535JP28RCrest Airpark ()Sat 02:43PM PSTSat 04:15PM PST
N856DSDA40Boeing Field Intl ()Sun 09:37AM PSTSun 09:49AM PST
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