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Departures: Santa Clara County Airport (San Jose, CA) [KRHV]
Arrival Time
N2362JC182Schulz-Sonoma County ()Fri 08:35PM PDTFri 09:21PM PDTFri 09:27PM PDT
N4JYAC11Sacramento Executive ()Fri 06:39PM PDTFri 07:15PM PDTFri 07:15PM PDT
N86SKC206Mc Clellan Airfield ()Fri 06:14PM PDTFri 06:57PM PDTFri 06:49PM PDT
NGF6565Santa Clara County ()Fri 06:08PM PDTFri 07:10PM PDT07:10PM PDT (?)
N8737WP28BDaugherty Field ()Fri 06:07PM PDTFri 08:24PM PDTFri 08:20PM PDT
N171PFBT36Monterey Rgnl ()Fri 05:42PM PDTFri 06:04PM PDTFri 06:04PM PDT
N787SPC172Santa Clara County ()Fri 05:28PM PDTFri 06:57PM PDTFri 06:57PM PDT
N33807P28RSanta Clara County ()Fri 05:18PM PDTFri 06:28PM PDTFri 06:28PM PDT
N5130EC172Half Moon Bay ()Fri 05:02PM PDTFri 05:32PM PDTFri 05:32PM PDT
N55231C172Santa Clara County ()Fri 04:40PM PDTFri 05:49PM PDTFri 05:49PM PDT
N9553EBL17Truckee-Tahoe ()Fri 04:37PM PDTFri 05:44PM PDTFri 05:44PM PDT
N2304DPA46Santa Clara County ()Fri 04:36PM PDTFri 05:24PM PDTFri 05:24PM PDT
N9798UAA5Sacramento Executive ()Fri 04:27PM PDTFri 05:08PM PDTFri 05:08PM PDT
N88HQC182Fullerton Muni ()Fri 03:54PM PDTFri 07:00PM PDTFri 07:00PM PDT
N9389LC172Santa Clara County ()Fri 03:30PM PDTFri 03:33PM PDTFri 03:33PM PDT
N1455XP28RNorth Las Vegas ()Fri 03:18PM PDTFri 05:47PM PDTFri 05:47PM PDT
N408LBC172Santa Clara County ()Fri 03:16PM PDTFri 05:52PM PDTFri 05:52PM PDT
N6624VBL17Hayward Executive ()Fri 03:00PM PDTFri 03:22PM PDTFri 03:22PM PDT
N9272GSanta Clara County ()Fri 02:59PM PDTFri 04:10PM PDTFri 04:10PM PDT
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