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Departures: Ormond Beach Muni Airport (Ormond Beach, FL) [KOMN]
Arrival Time
N47KKC303Athens/Ben Epps ()Thu 08:47AM ESTThu 10:37AM ESTThu 10:35AM EST
N81021P28AVero Beach Muni ()Wed 08:33PM ESTWed 09:39PM ESTWed 09:39PM EST
N340CHC310Jim Hamilton L B Owens ()Wed 02:03PM ESTWed 03:45PM ESTWed 03:45PM EST
N112PZC172George T Lewis ()Wed 02:02PM ESTWed 02:56PM ESTWed 02:56PM EST
N676DWC172Ormond Beach Muni ()Wed 12:45PM ESTWed 01:54PM ESTWed 01:54PM EST
N914TCHXBHilton Head ()Wed 11:39AM ESTWed 01:01PM ESTWed 12:52PM EST
N67840C152Mckinnon St Simons Island ()Wed 10:55AM ESTWed 12:15PM ESTWed 12:15PM EST
N72MFBE36Ingalls Field ()Wed 10:30AM ESTWed 01:46PM ESTWed 01:46PM EST
N9240FPA28Vero Beach Muni ()Tue 08:39PM ESTTue 09:42PM ESTTue 09:42PM EST
N9215EP28AVero Beach Muni ()Tue 08:01PM ESTTue 08:57PM ESTTue 08:57PM EST
N9228XP28AVero Beach Muni ()Tue 07:16PM ESTTue 08:08PM ESTTue 08:08PM EST
N9246FPA28Vero Beach Muni ()Tue 07:15PM ESTTue 08:24PM ESTTue 08:24PM EST
N25362Gainesville Rgnl ()Tue 06:45PM ESTTue 07:15PM ESTTue 07:14PM EST
N450ERC172Merritt Island ()Tue 04:38PM ESTTue 05:12PM ESTTue 05:13PM EST
N25325Gainesville Rgnl ()Tue 04:23PM ESTTue 07:25PM ESTTue 07:25PM EST
N2466VGainesville Rgnl ()Tue 03:38PM ESTTue 04:17PM ESTTue 04:17PM EST
N25325Gainesville Rgnl ()Tue 03:23PM ESTTue 04:06PM ESTTue 04:06PM EST
N27418PA31The Florida Keys Marathon ()Tue 02:55PM ESTTue 04:39PM ESTTue 04:39PM EST
N123PGM020Palm Beach County Park ()Tue 01:55PM ESTTue 03:21PM ESTTue 03:21PM EST
N88255Merritt Island ()Tue 01:52PM ESTTue 02:21PM ESTTue 02:21PM EST
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