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Arrivals: Smyrna Airport (Smyrna, TN) [KMQY]
N66BGPA31Kirk Air Base ()Mon 06:17PM EDTMon 06:59PM CDT
N100NPMU2R SYI 189 36Mon 08:57PM UTCMon 04:26PM CDT
N62PAR SYI 141 24Tue 10:03PM UTCTue 05:34PM CDT
N64WBE36R SSC 343 25Sat 10:55AM UTCSat 08:06AM CDT
N20046C172R RQZ 26 22Tue 09:01PM UTCTue 04:34PM CDT
N3727TPA32R RENNO 70 4Sat 04:34PM UTCSat 01:16PM CDT
N9212TPA38R PSK 258 38Mon 08:45PM UTCMon 06:06PM CDT
N405APA28R GUITR 166 27Thu 10:42PM UTCThu 05:59PM CDT
N405AR GUITR 150 31Fri 08:12PM UTCFri 03:38PM CDT
N5605PPA24R GHM 251 36Wed 07:23PM UTCWed 03:06PM CDT
N8166JPA34R BWG 180 5Fri 11:57PM UTCFri 07:21PM CDT
N3379EC172R BWG 175 3Fri 03:27AM UTCThu 10:59PM CDT
N405AP28AR BWG 100 1Fri 05:00AM UTCFri 12:40AM CDT
N567MTR BNA 181 30Mon 09:01PM UTCMon 04:38PM CDT
N88LSC525Mayfield Graves County ()Tue 03:09PM CDTTue 03:35PM CDT
N2899DPA32Dickson Muni ()Sun 10:47AM CDTSun 11:07AM CDT
N30898P46TGeneral Dewitt Spain ()Fri 03:20PM CDTFri 04:20PM CDT
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