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Departures: Crystal Airport (Minneapolis, MN) [KMIC]
Arrival Time
N73HBE35Crookston Municipal ()Sat 03:28PM CDTSat 04:46PM CDTSat 04:46PM CDT
N21448M20TBrainerd Lakes Rgnl ()Sat 06:56AM CDTSat 07:31AM CDTSat 07:31AM CDT
N17KESR22Falls Intl-Einarson Field ()Fri 05:51PM CDTFri 07:06PM CDTFri 07:06PM CDT
N8138JSR22Ely Muni ()Fri 04:00PM CDTFri 05:07PM CDTFri 05:07PM CDT
N57MRC206Waterloo Rgnl ()Fri 02:02PM CDTFri 03:30PM CDTFri 03:33PM CDT
N30NMA109Airlake ()Fri 10:33AM CDTFri 11:10AM CDTFri 11:10AM CDT
N398TBE36Solon Springs Muni ()Fri 10:07AM CDTFri 10:48AM CDTFri 10:50AM CDT
N21448M20TMankato Rgnl ()Fri 06:42AM CDTFri 07:06AM CDTFri 07:18AM CDT
N9450SBE35Hector Intl ()Thu 08:00PM CDTThu 09:17PM CDTThu 09:07PM CDT
N2014UM20PPine River Rgnl ()Thu 04:50PM CDTThu 05:35PM CDTThu 05:35PM CDT
N185BRC185Shell Lake Muni ()Thu 01:45PM CDTThu 02:21PM CDTThu 02:20PM CDT
N81NMA109Princeton Muni ()Thu 11:02AM CDTThu 11:15AM CDTThu 11:15AM CDT
N6032TC182Hector Intl ()Wed 03:56PM CDTWed 05:20PM CDTWed 05:20PM CDT
N892MADA42Chippewa Valley Rgnl ()Wed 11:36AM CDTWed 12:17PM CDTWed 12:17PM CDT
N60NMA109Airlake ()Wed 06:55AM CDTWed 07:24AM CDTWed 07:24AM CDT
N6032TC182Hector Intl ()Tue 05:30PM CDTTue 06:54PM CDTTue 06:53PM CDT
N464SRBE33Langlade County ()Tue 09:57AM CDTTue 11:12AM CDTTue 11:12AM CDT
N9594CP28AMora Muni ()Tue 06:44AM CDTTue 07:20AM CDTTue 07:08AM CDT
N81NMA109Princeton Muni ()Mon 03:35PM CDTMon 03:52PM CDTMon 03:53PM CDT
N414JHPA34New Ulm Muni ()Mon 02:48PM CDTMon 04:15PM CDTMon 04:15PM CDT
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