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En Route/Scheduled to KMIA Miami Intl Airport (Miami, FL) [KMIA]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AAL2405B738VC Bird Int'l ()Sat 02:53PM ASTSat 03:10PM ASTSat 06:13PM EDT
AAL1531A319Toncontin Int'l ()Sat 02:16PM CSTSat 02:13PM CSTSat 06:14PM EDT
FDX303DC10Memphis Intl ()Sat 03:35PM CDTSat 03:26PM CDTSat 06:14PM EDT
AAL2277B738Port-au-Prince Intl ()Sat 03:38PM ESTSat 03:33PM ESTSat 06:15PM EDT
UPS425B763El Dorado Int'l ()Sat 01:58PM -05Sat 01:58PM -05Sat 06:17PM EDT
GAJ510C56XMarsh Harbour ()Sat 05:00PM EDTSat 05:28PM EDTSat 06:17PM EDT
DAL115MD88Hartsfield-Jackson Intl ()Sat 04:30PM EDTSat 04:50PM EDTSat 06:17PM EDT
VOI994A320Lic. Benito Juarez Int'l ()Sat 02:39PM CDTSat 02:46PM CDTSat 06:19PM EDT
AAL1412A321Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()Sat 02:35PM CDTSat 03:09PM CDTSat 06:24PM EDT
AAL2482B738Jose Marti Int'l ()Sat 05:30PM CDTSat 05:38PM CDTSat 06:25PM EDT
RPA4618E75SIgnacio Agramonte Int'l ()Sat 05:15PM CDTSat 05:26PM CDTSat 06:29PM EDT
AAL914B738Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Sat 03:26PM -04Sat 03:32PM -04Sat 06:29PM EDT
WAL1996MD83Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Sat 04:54PM -04Sat 04:54PM -04Sat 06:30PM EDT
AAL318B738Robert L. Bradshaw Int'l ()Sat 03:40PM ASTSat 03:35PM ASTSat 06:34PM EDT
RPA4393E75SLamentin ()Sat 03:00PM ASTSat 03:11PM ASTSat 06:36PM EDT
AAL1128A319Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Sat 02:24PM -05Sat 02:27PM -05Sat 06:37PM EDT
AAL966B738La Chinita Int'l ()Sat 03:55PM -04Sat 03:52PM -04Sat 06:37PM EDT
THY77B77WIstanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Sat 01:30PM +03Sat 01:53PM +03Sat 06:38PM EDT
N803QSC560Marsh Harbour ()Sat 08:00AM EDTSat 05:58PM EDTSat 06:43PM EDT
TPA702A332Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Sat 03:15PM -05Sat 02:51PM -05Sat 06:45PM EDT
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