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Arrivals: Miami Intl Airport (Miami, FL) [KMIA]
AAL2615B738VC Bird Int'l ()Mon 03:22PM ASTMon 06:21PM EDT
AJT812B762Port-au-Prince Intl ()Mon 05:20PM EDTMon 06:48PM EDT
AVA4A320El Dorado Int'l ()Mon 02:37PM COTMon 06:51PM EDT
CSQ344SF34Providenciales Int'l ()Mon 04:56PM ASTMon 06:56PM EDT
EAL3148B738Jose Marti Int'l ()Mon 07:09PM CDTMon 07:53PM EDT
MRA686C208Key West Intl ()Mon 07:33PM EDTMon 08:16PM EDT
ENY699GE145N Kentucky Intl ()Mon 06:13PM EDTMon 08:27PM EDT
TSU7138CVLTRamon Villeda Morales Int'l ()Mon 04:14PM CSTMon 08:52PM EDT
CSQ702SF34Port-au-Prince Intl ()Mon 06:34PM EDTMon 08:57PM EDT
CSQ212SF34Owen Roberts/Grand Cayman ()Mon 07:46PM EDTMon 09:29PM EDT
TSU7135CVLTCancun Int'l ()Mon 06:59PM ESTMon 09:35PM EDT
CMB518B738Palmerola Air Base (Coronel Enrique Soto Cano Air Base) ()Mon 07:10PM CSTMon 11:20PM EDT
KYE8802B744Anchorage Intl ()Mon 01:46PM AKDTTue 01:27AM EDT
AJT710B762Manuel Crescencio Rejon Int'l ()Mon 10:39PM CDTTue 01:37AM EDT
BBR1521Simon Bolivar Int'l (Maiquetia Int'l) ()Mon 11:55PM VETTue 02:49AM EDT
FWL712B763Jose Maria Cordova Int'l ()Tue 12:06AM COTTue 03:57AM EDT
LCO1721B77LJorge Chavez Int'l ()Mon 09:44PM PETTue 04:09AM EDT
KFA818DC10El Dorado Int'l ()Tue 02:24AM COTTue 06:26AM EDT
AJT8142B763Luis Munoz Marin Intl ()Tue 04:17AM ASTTue 06:34AM EDT
ABX2B762Tocumen Int'l ()Tue 03:12AM ESTTue 06:38AM EDT
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