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En Route/Scheduled to KMEM Memphis Intl Airport (Memphis, TN) [KMEM]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
SQH4128C10TBoone County ()Fri 08:40AM CSTFri 09:52AM CST
FDX632DC10Kansas City Intl ()Fri 07:15AM CSTFri 09:56AM CST
SQH606C208Boone County ()Fri 08:40AM CSTFri 09:05AM CSTFri 10:13AM CST
FDX421MD11Newark Liberty Intl ()Fri 08:30AM ESTFri 09:16AM ESTFri 10:16AM CST
FDX647B763Boston Logan Intl ()Fri 09:00AM ESTFri 08:54AM ESTFri 10:20AM CST
FDX233DC10Toronto Pearson Int'l ()Fri 09:30AM ESTFri 09:39AM ESTFri 10:22AM CST
FDX444MD11Newark Liberty Intl ()Fri 07:59AM ESTFri 09:20AM ESTFri 10:25AM CST
FDX805B763Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl ()Fri 07:07AM MSTFri 07:17AM MSTFri 10:29AM CST
FDX461A306Eppley Airfield ()Fri 09:10AM CSTFri 10:36AM CST
FDX613MD11El Paso Intl ()Fri 08:00AM MSTFri 08:00AM MSTFri 10:45AM CST
ASQ6166E145Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Fri 09:15AM CSTFri 09:29AM CSTFri 10:50AM CST
FDX888MD11Newark Liberty Intl ()Fri 09:00AM ESTFri 09:55AM ESTFri 10:56AM CST
FDX842MD11Denver Intl ()Fri 08:00AM MSTFri 08:22AM MSTFri 10:59AM CST
FDX423B763Tucson Intl ()Fri 08:01AM MSTFri 07:54AM MSTFri 11:03AM CST
DAL2180MD88Hartsfield-Jackson Intl ()Fri 11:01AM ESTFri 11:15AM ESTFri 11:05AM CST
FDX639A306Grand Forks Intl ()Fri 08:30AM CSTFri 09:02AM CSTFri 11:06AM CST
FDX442B763Los Angeles Intl ()Fri 06:15AM PSTFri 06:18AM PSTFri 11:08AM CST
FDX819B752Great Falls Intl ()Fri 07:15AM MSTFri 07:23AM MSTFri 11:09AM CST
SWA5809B737Dallas Love Field ()Fri 09:50AM CSTFri 10:09AM CSTFri 11:10AM CST
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