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Departures: Lincoln Regional Airport (Lincoln, CA) [KLHM]
Arrival Time
N6351QM20PMahlon Sweet Field ()Mon 04:46AM PDTMon 07:12AM PDT07:12AM PDT (?)
N478AMSR22Hayward Executive ()Sun 04:21PM PDTSun 05:12PM PDTSun 05:12PM PDT
N9126GC182Lincoln Regional ()Sun 03:01PM PDTSun 05:01PM PDTSun 05:01PM PDT
N7056PPA24Lincoln Regional ()Sun 01:58PM PDTSun 05:32PM PDTSun 05:32PM PDT
N80246C172Auburn Muni ()Sun 10:15AM PDTSun 10:32AM PDTSun 10:32AM PDT
N3945ALincoln Regional ()Sun 09:20AM PDTSun 12:22PM PDT12:22PM PDT (?)
N106EJLincoln Regional ()Sun 08:53AM PDTSun 09:04AM PDTSun 09:04AM PDT
N603VFPA34Yuba County ()Sat 07:13PM PDTSat 07:26PM PDTSat 07:26PM PDT
N8872PPA24Paso Robles Muni ()Sat 01:41PM PDTSat 03:05PM PDT03:05PM PDT (?)
N1570CSR22Lincoln Regional ()Sat 12:46PM PDTSat 01:05PM PDTSat 01:05PM PDT
N2CYM20PMc Minnville Muni ()Sat 12:27PM PDTSat 04:01PM PDT04:01PM PDT (?)
N435KRLincoln Regional ()Sat 12:13PM PDTSat 12:24PM PDTSat 12:24PM PDT
N7917KBE35Schulz-Sonoma County ()Sat 11:13AM PDTSat 12:02PM PDTSat 12:02PM PDT
N4336KNAVILincoln Regional ()Sat 11:09AM PDTSat 11:21AM PDTSat 11:21AM PDT
N85SFAuburn Muni ()Sat 10:46AM PDTSat 11:00AM PDTSat 11:00AM PDT
N80246C172Lincoln Regional ()Sat 10:03AM PDTSat 10:46AM PDTSat 10:46AM PDT
N1570CSR22Lincoln Regional ()Sat 09:25AM PDTSat 09:42AM PDTSat 09:42AM PDT
N8719ZT206Lincoln Regional ()Sat 09:02AM PDTSat 09:26AM PDTSat 09:26AM PDT
N57627CH7ALincoln Regional ()Sat 08:22AM PDTSat 11:09AM PDTSat 11:09AM PDT
N6351QM20PLincoln Regional ()Fri 09:02PM PDTFri 09:26PM PDT09:26PM PDT (?)
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