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Departures: Daugherty Field Airport (Long Beach, CA) [KLGB]
Arrival Time
FDX2351A306Memphis Intl ()Mon 07:38PM PDTTue 12:51AM CDTTue 12:42AM CDT
FDX1351A306Memphis Intl ()Tue 07:21PM PDTWed 12:43AM CDTWed 12:43AM CDT
FDX2351A306Memphis Intl ()Thu 07:10PM PDTFri 12:17AM CDTFri 12:19AM CDT
FDX1351A306Memphis Intl ()Wed 07:10PM PDTThu 12:28AM CDTThu 12:28AM CDT
FDX1351A306Memphis Intl ()Fri 07:10PM PDTSat 12:17AM CDT
FDX2351A306Memphis Intl ()Thu 07:12PM PDTFri 12:19AM CDTFri 12:18AM CDT
FDX1351A306Memphis Intl ()Wed 07:06PM PDTThu 12:08AM CDTThu 12:06AM CDT
FDX1351A306Memphis Intl ()Fri 07:18PM PDTSat 12:26AM CDTSat 12:25AM CDT
FDX1351A306Memphis Intl ()Tue 07:09PM PDTWed 12:19AM CDTWed 12:20AM CDT
FDX2351A306Memphis Intl ()Mon 07:14PM PDTTue 12:17AM CDTTue 12:17AM CDT
JBU404A320Boston Logan Intl ()Thu 09:34PM PDTFri 05:29AM EDTFri 05:29AM EDT
JBU1416A320Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Wed 09:58AM PDTWed 02:20PM CDTWed 02:19PM CDT
JBU1416A320Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Mon 10:05AM PDTMon 02:34PM CDTMon 02:34PM CDT
JBU1416A320Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Thu 10:15AM PDTThu 02:46PM CDTThu 02:46PM CDT
JBU1416A320Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Wed 10:08AM PDTWed 02:32PM CDTWed 02:32PM CDT
JBU1416A320Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Tue 10:13AM PDTTue 02:43PM CDTTue 02:44PM CDT
JBU404A320Boston Logan Intl ()Mon 09:33PM PDTTue 05:27AM EDTTue 05:27AM EDT
JBU1416A320Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Sat 10:04AM PDTSat 02:33PM CDTSat 02:33PM CDT
JBU1416A320Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Mon 10:14AM PDTMon 02:34PM CDTMon 02:34PM CDT
JBU404A320Boston Logan Intl ()Wed 09:40PM PDTThu 05:49AM EDTThu 05:49AM EDT
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