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Departures: Lakeland Linder Rgnl Airport (Lakeland, FL) [KLAL]
Arrival Time
N735VBE35Gwinnett County ()Sun 10:28AM ESTSun 01:25PM EST
N4516SBE55North Perry ()Sun 12:19PM ESTSun 01:07PM EST
N133GMBE33Jack Edwards ()Sun 12:12PM ESTSun 01:32PM CST
N213ZBE55Decatur County ()Sun 10:24AM ESTSun 12:09PM ESTSun 12:09PM EST
N303RABE58Middle Georgia Rgnl ()Sun 09:54AM ESTSun 12:00PM ESTSun 12:02PM EST
N6858WBrooksville-Tampa Bay Rgnl ()Sun 09:01AM ESTSun 10:59AM ESTSun 11:05AM EST
N552CLBE36Jacksonville Executive At Craig ()Sun 09:21AM ESTSun 10:56AM ESTSun 10:56AM EST
N3206LBE35Northeast Florida Rgnl ()Sun 09:42AM ESTSun 10:43AM ESTSun 10:43AM EST
N981MBBE36Punta Gorda ()Sun 08:39AM ESTSun 10:33AM ESTSun 10:33AM EST
N1889WBE58Lakeland Linder Rgnl ()Sun 09:07AM ESTSun 10:31AM ESTSun 10:31AM EST
N72KKBE36Punta Gorda ()Sun 08:56AM ESTSun 10:15AM ESTSun 10:27AM EST
N836LGBE36Naples Muni ()Sun 09:28AM ESTSun 10:34AM ESTSun 10:23AM EST
N6858WBrooksville-Tampa Bay Rgnl ()Sun 09:01AM ESTSun 10:16AM ESTSun 10:16AM EST
N4516SBE55Punta Gorda ()Sun 09:11AM ESTSun 10:07AM ESTSun 10:15AM EST
N191LRBE58Fort Lauderdale Executive ()Sun 08:58AM ESTSun 09:47AM ESTSun 09:47AM EST
N924RVRV7Brooksville-Tampa Bay Rgnl ()Sun 08:24AM ESTSun 09:45AM ESTSun 09:45AM EST
N459PBE36Punta Gorda ()Sun 08:18AM ESTSun 09:43AM ESTSun 09:43AM EST
N59GMBE33Punta Gorda ()Sun 08:42AM ESTSun 09:29AM ESTSun 09:29AM EST
N733RCBE55Lakeland Linder Rgnl ()Sun 08:37AM ESTSun 09:27AM ESTSun 09:27AM EST
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