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Departures: Lakeland Linder Rgnl Airport (Lakeland, FL) [KLAL]
Arrival Time
N3547GPA31Homestead General Aviation ()Sun 09:01AM ESTSun 11:46AM ESTSun 11:46AM EST
N4102JPA31Airglades ()Sun 09:11AM ESTSun 12:24PM ESTSun 12:24PM EST
N7236ABE36Fort Lauderdale Executive ()Sun 10:22AM ESTSun 11:18AM ESTSun 11:18AM EST
PHJ70PC12Venice Muni ()Sun 10:40AM ESTSun 11:09AM ESTSun 11:07AM EST
N459PBE36Gainesville Rgnl ()Sun 10:59AM ESTSun 11:50AM ESTSun 11:47AM EST
N525HYC525Fort Lauderdale Executive ()Sun 11:07AM ESTSun 11:53AM ESTSun 11:49AM EST
N819MCBE55Fort Lauderdale Executive ()Sun 11:15AM ESTSun 12:14PM ESTSun 12:12PM EST
N881SBE33Ocala Intl ()Sun 11:19AM ESTSun 01:18PM ESTSun 12:49PM EST
N154MBE36Brooksville-Tampa Bay Rgnl ()Sun 11:19AM ESTSun 12:27PM ESTSun 12:27PM EST
WAL183MD82Oakland County Intl ()Sun 11:22AM ESTSun 01:54PM ESTSun 01:54PM EST
N8131LC150Lakeland Linder Rgnl ()Sun 11:25AM ESTSun 01:12PM ESTSun 01:12PM EST
N55223PA34Coral Creek ()Sun 11:27AM ESTSun 12:01PM ESTSun 12:01PM EST
N305CABE55Sebring Rgnl ()Sun 11:31AM ESTSun 12:44PM ESTSun 12:46PM EST
N981MBLakeland Linder Rgnl ()Sun 11:32AM ESTSun 01:55PM ESTSun 01:55PM EST
N342UBE35Leesburg Intl ()Sun 11:34AM ESTSun 12:02PM ESTSun 12:07PM EST
N3067TBE36Mt Pleasant Rgnl ()Sun 11:37AM ESTSun 01:50PM ESTSun 01:49PM EST
N4970MBE36Oconee County Rgnl ()Sun 11:40AM ESTSun 02:26PM ESTSun 02:21PM EST
N62AABE36North Palm Beach County General Aviation ()Sun 11:49AM ESTSun 12:45PM ESTSun 12:43PM EST
N6200VBE35Hattiesburg Muni ()Sun 12:17PM ESTSun 02:21PM CSTSun 02:21PM CST
N14DFBE35J-22 Ranch ()Sun 12:25PM ESTSun 01:47PM CSTSun 01:43PM CST
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