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Departures: Niagara Falls Intl Airport (Niagara Falls, NY) [KIAG]
Arrival Time
N665JKBE9LLehigh Valley Intl ()Tue 04:30PM EDTTue 05:47PM EDTTue 05:42PM EDT
N896CATBM8Teterboro ()Tue 02:04PM EDTTue 03:19PM EDTTue 03:16PM EDT
N5146LNiagara Falls Intl ()Tue 01:59PM EDTTue 02:21PM EDT02:21PM EDT (?)
N710CFGLF3Niagara Falls Intl ()Tue 12:59PM EDTTue 02:07PM EDTTue 02:10PM EDT
N5LCMU2Niagara Falls Intl ()Tue 11:17AM EDTTue 11:57AM EDTTue 12:00PM EDT
N6521YPA27Niagara Falls Intl ()Tue 08:46AM EDTTue 11:51AM EDTTue 11:51AM EDT
N14244PA27Niagara Falls Intl ()Tue 08:36AM EDTTue 12:11PM EDTTue 12:11PM EDT
EJA388C680Tweed-New Haven ()Tue 07:55AM EDTTue 08:49AM EDTTue 08:44AM EDT
N102CLPRM1Williamsburg Intl ()Tue 07:12AM EDTTue 08:30AM EDTTue 08:27AM EDT
N401EGLJ40Bangor Intl ()Tue 05:16AM EDTTue 06:16AM EDTTue 06:16AM EDT
LBQ792PC12Allegheny County ()Mon 11:34PM EDTTue 12:24AM EDTTue 12:24AM EDT
NKS211A319Orlando Intl ()Mon 06:15PM EDTMon 09:27PM EDTMon 09:27PM EDT
AAY653MD80Orlando Sanford Intl ()Mon 04:50PM EDTMon 07:13PM EDTMon 07:12PM EDT
N350NYB350Westchester County ()Mon 02:55PM EDTMon 03:57PM EDTMon 04:00PM EDT
N78MMBE60Butler County ()Mon 02:21PM EDTMon 03:25PM EDTMon 03:20PM EDT
N192FB350Selfridge Angb ()Mon 01:49PM EDTMon 02:47PM EDTMon 02:47PM EDT
N674TCT206Selfridge Angb ()Mon 01:43PM EDTMon 03:22PM EDT03:22PM EDT (?)
NKS289A320Myrtle Beach Intl ()Mon 01:43PM EDTMon 03:13PM EDTMon 03:13PM EDT
N646ASE50PTeterboro ()Mon 08:36AM EDTMon 09:35AM EDTMon 09:31AM EDT
NKS647A320Fort Lauderdale Intl ()Mon 02:24AM EDTMon 04:51AM EDTMon 04:51AM EDT
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