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En Route/Scheduled to KIAD Washington Dulles Intl Airport (Washington, DC) [KIAD]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
UAL977B772Dubai Int'l ()Mon 12:10AM GSTMon 12:27AM GSTMon 06:45AM EDT
UAL981B772Kuwait Int'l ()Mon 12:25AM ASTMon 01:37AM ASTMon 07:38AM EDT
UAE231B77WDubai Int'l ()Mon 02:20AM GSTMon 03:15AM GSTMon 09:12AM EDT
UAL860B763São Paulo-Guarulhos Int'l ()Sun 09:00PM BRTSun 09:02PM BRTMon 05:40AM EDT
SAA209A343Kotoka Int'l ()Sun 10:45PM GMTMon 12:36AM GMTMon 06:45AM EDT
KAL93B77WIncheon Int'l ()Mon 10:30AM KSTMon 10:44AM KSTMon 11:02AM EDT
ANA2B77WNarita Int'l ()Mon 11:00AM JSTMon 11:28AM JSTMon 10:05AM EDT
SVA37B77WKing Khalid Int'l ()Mon 07:01AM ASTMon 06:30AM ASTMon 12:40PM EDT
UAL1533B738San Francisco Intl ()Sun 09:30PM PDTSun 09:50PM PDTMon 05:38AM EDT
UAL1496B739Los Angeles Intl ()Sun 09:40PM PDTSun 09:51PM PDTMon 05:23AM EDT
UAL1744B739Seattle-Tacoma Intl ()Sun 09:35PM PDTSun 09:58PM PDTMon 05:24AM EDT
ETH500B77LDublin Int'l ()Mon 05:50AM ISTMon 06:00AM ISTMon 07:50AM EDT
VRD86A320San Francisco Intl ()Sun 10:05PM PDTSun 10:14PM PDTMon 06:05AM EDT
UAL1657B738San Diego Intl ()Sun 10:19PM PDTSun 10:26PM PDTMon 05:57AM EDT
UCA2465DH8BAlbany Intl ()Mon 01:15AM EDTMon 01:40AM EDTMon 02:52AM EDT
UAL1641B739San Francisco Intl ()Sun 10:30PM PDTSun 10:46PM PDTMon 06:23AM EDT
CCA817B773Beijing Capital Int'l ()Mon 12:45PM CSTMon 01:48PM CSTMon 04:48PM EDT
QTR707B77WHamad Int'l ()Mon 08:30AM ASTMon 09:03AM ASTMon 03:26PM EDT
UAL1634B738Denver Intl ()Sun 11:59PM MDTMon 12:11AM MDTMon 05:12AM EDT
UAL304A320Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Tue 05:17PM CDTTue 09:10PM EDT
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