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Departures: Brookhaven Airport (Shirley, NY) [KHWV]
Arrival Time
N35869C77RBrookhaven ()Tue 12:05PM EDTTue 12:50PM EDTTue 12:50PM EDT
N1194DAA5Brookhaven ()Tue 04:42PM EDTTue 05:37PM EDTTue 05:37PM EDT
N799JC182Brookhaven ()Tue 06:48PM EDTTue 07:54PM EDTTue 07:54PM EDT
N183DCP28RBrookhaven ()Wed 10:42AM EDTWed 11:27AM EDT11:27AM EDT (?)
N9463KP28ABrookhaven ()Wed 11:53AM EDTWed 01:05PM EDTWed 01:05PM EDT
N9463KP28ARepublic ()Wed 01:49PM EDTWed 02:12PM EDT02:12PM EDT (?)
N9463KP28ABrookhaven ()Wed 05:02PM EDTWed 05:27PM EDTWed 05:27PM EDT
N9463KP28ARepublic ()Wed 05:59PM EDTWed 06:19PM EDT06:19PM EDT (?)
N7248WBE36East Hampton ()Wed 06:10PM EDTWed 06:40PM EDTWed 06:40PM EDT
N1333HPA32Norfolk Intl ()Wed 08:24PM EDTWed 10:49PM EDTWed 10:49PM EDT
N7531PPA24Washington Dulles Intl ()Fri 01:05PM EDTFri 03:06PM EDTFri 03:06PM EDT
N404TDB407Linden ()Fri 05:59PM EDTFri 06:35PM EDTFri 06:35PM EDT
N183DCP28RBrookhaven ()Fri 06:51PM EDTFri 07:42PM EDTFri 07:42PM EDT
N667RHPA32Solberg-Hunterdon ()Fri 10:06PM EDTFri 11:08PM EDTFri 11:08PM EDT
N519CBSR22Republic ()Fri 10:14PM EDTFri 10:29PM EDTFri 10:29PM EDT
N9358EC172Igor I Sikorsky Memorial ()Sat 11:39AM EDTSat 12:03PM EDTSat 12:03PM EDT
N1868BC172Republic ()Sat 12:49PM EDTSat 01:21PM EDTSat 01:21PM EDT
N9616LC172Brookhaven ()Sun 01:08PM EDTSun 01:08PM EDTSun 01:08PM EDT
N8118QP28BNorth Central State ()Sun 02:24PM EDTSun 03:07PM EDTSun 03:02PM EDT
N80SWBrookhaven ()Sun 03:34PM EDTSun 03:57PM EDTSun 03:57PM EDT
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