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Departures: Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl Airport (Guthrie, OK) [KGOK]
Arrival Time
N12CHC182Centennial ()Sat 03:19PM CDTSat 05:58PM MDTSat 05:58PM MDT
N20464C172Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Sat 11:33AM CDTSat 12:27PM CDTSat 12:27PM CDT
N8460APA34Parish-Ahart Fld ()Sat 07:53AM CDTSat 10:34AM CDTSat 10:34AM CDT
N20464C172Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Sat 07:07AM CDTSat 08:00AM CDTSat 08:00AM CDT
N453ALJ45Gillespie County ()Fri 06:44PM CDTFri 07:37PM CDTFri 07:36PM CDT
N4375TP28AGuthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Fri 06:42PM CDTFri 07:49PM CDTFri 07:49PM CDT
N20464C172Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Fri 06:09PM CDTFri 07:46PM CDTFri 07:46PM CDT
N7PDBE58Rogers Executive - Carter Field ()Fri 04:54PM CDTFri 05:46PM CDTFri 05:46PM CDT
N20464C172Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Thu 05:46PM CDTThu 07:02PM CDTThu 07:02PM CDT
N490MBE36Camdenton Memorial-Lake Rgnl ()Thu 04:30PM CDTThu 06:05PM CDTThu 06:01PM CDT
N999SVPC12Moore County ()Thu 01:54PM CDTThu 02:59PM CDTThu 02:49PM CDT
N20464C172Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Thu 10:54AM CDTThu 11:44AM CDTThu 11:44AM CDT
N12CHC182Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Thu 09:46AM CDTThu 10:08AM CDTThu 10:08AM CDT
N6932FP28AWiley Post ()Thu 09:36AM CDTThu 09:55AM CDTThu 09:55AM CDT
N99JDRV9Davis Field ()Thu 08:19AM CDTThu 09:02AM CDTThu 09:02AM CDT
N20464C172Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Thu 06:29AM CDTThu 07:35AM CDTThu 07:35AM CDT
N4543GSR22Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Thu 06:23AM CDTThu 07:03AM CDTThu 06:56AM CDT
N20464C172Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Wed 10:07PM CDTWed 11:49PM CDTWed 11:49PM CDT
N617SBE17Guthrie-Edmond Rgnl ()Wed 02:34PM CDTWed 05:25PM CDTWed 05:25PM CDT
N850ATBE20Brownwood Rgnl ()Wed 01:15PM CDTWed 02:22PM CDTWed 02:20PM CDT
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