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Departures: Grand Canyon Airport (Grand Canyon, AZ) [KGCN]
Arrival Time
N299CWC525Middleton Muni - Morey Field ()Thu 02:36PM MSTThu 06:30PM CSTThu 06:31PM CST
EJM303H25BMetropolitan Oakland Intl ()Fri 10:59AM MSTFri 11:29AM PSTFri 11:31AM PST
RDDL38C172Ernest a Love Field ()Sat 11:24AM MSTSat 12:10PM MSTSat 12:13PM MST
RDDL40C172Page Muni ()Sat 12:21PM MSTSat 01:18PM MSTSat 01:20PM MST
N4197DDA42Falcon Fld ()Tue 04:39PM MSTTue 05:51PM MSTTue 05:51PM MST
RBY101D228North Las Vegas ()Wed 12:02PM MSTWed 11:38AM PSTWed 11:14AM PST
PEG42GLF4McCarran Intl ()Wed 04:08PM MSTWed 03:41PM PSTWed 03:47PM PST
RBY121D228North Las Vegas ()Wed 04:19PM MSTWed 04:03PM PSTWed 04:03PM PST
RBY122D228North Las Vegas ()Wed 04:19PM MSTWed 04:00PM PSTWed 04:00PM PST
RBY101D228North Las Vegas ()Fri 11:32AM MSTFri 11:17AM PSTFri 11:18AM PST
N690MAB190Henderson Executive ()Fri 03:36PM MSTFri 03:20PM PSTFri 03:20PM PST
N886MAB190Henderson Executive ()Fri 03:40PM MSTFri 03:23PM PSTFri 03:23PM PST
N567MAB190Henderson Executive ()Fri 03:45PM MSTFri 03:25PM PSTFri 03:27PM PST
SCE48DHC6Boulder City Muni ()Fri 03:48PM MSTFri 03:48PM PSTFri 03:48PM PST
N525KAC525Carson ()Sat 01:20PM MSTSat 01:58PM PSTSat 01:57PM PST
N27SADHC6Boulder City Muni ()Sat 02:35PM MSTSat 02:41PM PSTSat 02:41PM PST
N680SVC680Rocky Mtn Metropolitan ()Sat 02:43PM MSTSat 03:36PM MSTSat 03:36PM MST
RBY121D228North Las Vegas ()Sat 05:18PM MSTSat 05:04PM PSTSat 05:04PM PST
N517GLPC12Tacoma Narrows ()Sun 02:53PM MSTSun 05:37PM PSTSun 05:38PM PST
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