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Arrivals: Joe Foss Field Airport (Sioux Falls, SD) [KFSD]
WIS303C310Mandan Muni ()Fri 12:20PM CSTFri 01:39PM CST
WIS303C310Mandan Muni ()Wed 12:09PM CSTWed 01:24PM CST
N517FDPA32Mandan Muni ()Thu 11:10AM CSTThu 12:31PM CST
N430MASW4Near Minot, NDFri 07:07PM CSTFri 08:11PM CST
N3813C402Near Grand Forks, NDSat 11:05AM CSTSat 12:25PM CST
N430MASW4Near Minot, NDThu 07:19PM CSTThu 08:31PM CST
N158MCSW4Near Williston, NDSat 10:59AM CSTSat 12:08PM CST
N158MCSW4Near Williston, NDFri 07:07PM CSTFri 08:14PM CST
N689NDPA44Near Grand Forks, NDSat 04:28PM CSTSat 06:06PM CST
N158MCSW4Near Dickinson, NDThu 06:44PM CSTThu 07:52PM CST
N3640GC310Near Jamestown, NDFri 11:15AM CSTFri 01:39PM CST
N3813C402Near Jamestown, NDFri 07:37PM CSTFri 08:43PM CST
BMJ83BE99Near Jamestown, NDMon 07:38PM CSTMon 08:39PM CST
N685BASW4Near Lemmon, SDThu 05:54PM MSTThu 08:23PM CST
N660EASW4Near Aberdeen, SDSat 05:27PM CSTSat 06:15PM CST
N80BSC404Near Aberdeen, SDFri 07:33PM CSTFri 08:16PM CST
N139SCBE9LNear Madison, MNFri 03:29PM CSTFri 03:56PM CST
N685BASW4Near Watertown, SDFri 08:06PM CSTFri 08:25PM CST
N139SCBE9LNear Canby, MNTue 04:39PM CSTTue 05:00PM CST
N620WEBE9LNear Marshall, MNTue 07:08AM CSTTue 08:22AM CST
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