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Arrivals: Ft Collins-Loveland Regional Airport (Fort Collins/Loveland, CO) [KFNL]
N2285LBE33R VIH 236 42Sun 08:30PM UTCSun 06:29PM MDT
N231PTC210R SLB 75 19Mon 10:26PM UTCMon 09:50PM MDT
N7565XC182R PUB 76 37Sun 08:04AM UTCSun 03:13AM MDT
N629RSC206R OSW 262 28Wed 08:08PM UTCWed 05:21PM MDT
N252BQM20PR ONL 50 30Mon 01:16PM UTCMon 09:05AM MDT
N95841C182R LTS 315 12Fri 02:03PM UTCFri 11:19AM MDT
N757CRC182R LBF 43 19Tue 02:38PM UTCTue 10:21AM MDT
N4137PP32RR GRI 259 4Thu 06:58PM UTCThu 04:48PM MDT
N4729NC182R DDY 340 66Mon 02:01PM UTCMon 09:56AM MDT
N281SBE55R DDC 223 67Wed 06:12PM UTCWed 02:23PM MDT
N735CYC182R COCAN 298 68Mon 08:27PM UTCMon 04:24PM MDT
N720CLNear Fort Collins/Loveland, COTue 12:00PM MDTTue 12:34PM MDT
N911NENear Fort Collins/Loveland, COTue 12:24PM MDTTue 12:27PM MDT
N911NENear Fort Collins/Loveland, COMon 01:07AM MDTMon 01:15AM MDT
N911NENear Fort Collins/Loveland, COMon 07:54PM MDTMon 07:56PM MDT
N258JSNear Fort Collins/Loveland, COSat 08:42AM MDTSat 08:45AM MDT
N258JSNear Denver, COMon 10:01AM MDTMon 10:27AM MDT
N258JSNear Denver, COMon 10:12AM MDTMon 10:43AM MDT
N911NENear Denver, COWed 02:27AM MDTWed 02:47AM MDT
N911NENear Aurora, COSat 10:41PM MDTSat 11:01PM MDT
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