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Arrivals: Ft Collins-Loveland Regional Airport (Fort Collins/Loveland, CO) [KFNL]
N462SRSR22R VLA 85 26Sat 01:50PM UTC12:30PM MDT (?)
N462SRSR22R VLA 231 10Thu 02:04PM UTCThu 12:53PM MDT
N2118HR TST 329 57Sun 07:28PM UTCSun 02:57PM MDT
N234PDSR22R PUB 200 46Mon 03:06PM UTCMon 10:21AM MDT
N8DMC182R OCS 249 73Wed 10:22PM UTCWed 07:02PM MDT
N731FSR MBW 68 62Fri 06:57PM UTC01:40PM MDT (?)
N1541WBE35R MBW 202 34Thu 01:59AM UTCWed 08:44PM MDT
N3024QBE33R LBF 257 21Fri 03:33PM UTCFri 10:46AM MDT
N2118HR GCC 158 13Sun 03:37PM UTCSun 11:19AM MDT
N976VR DDY 119 64Fri 04:15PM UTCFri 10:59AM MDT
N149GBE35R DDC 228 66Fri 04:04PM UTC12:23PM MDT (?)
N710KODIR CYS 309 20Thu 03:04PM UTC10:58AM MDT (?)
N710KODIR CYS 309 20Thu 03:02PM UTCThu 11:01AM MDT
N1FRC182R BOY 2 49Thu 05:58PM UTCThu 02:18PM MDT
N911NENear Fort Collins/Loveland, COSat 03:46PM MDTSat 03:48PM MDT
N911NENear Fort Collins/Loveland, COWed 02:31PM MDTWed 02:40PM MDT
N911NENear Denver, COSat 02:54PM MDTSat 03:14PM MDT
N911NENear Denver, COMon 02:19AM MDTMon 02:42AM MDT
N370MRC25BYakima Air Terminal ()Sun 10:50AM PDTSun 01:53PM MDT
N2118HPA34Winnemucca Muni ()Fri 04:40PM PDTFri 08:52PM MDT
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