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Departures: Tipton Airport (Fort Meade(Odenton), MD) [KFME]
Arrival Time
N681RVPA46Farmington Rgnl ()Tue 11:19AM EDTTue 01:30PM CDTTue 01:30PM CDT
N8887BBE9LKirsch Muni ()Tue 10:31AM EDTTue 12:32PM EDT12:32PM EDT (?)
N63705PA31New Bedford Rgnl ()Mon 05:28PM EDTMon 07:24PM EDTMon 07:23PM EDT
N39JEPA46Carroll Co Rgnl ()Mon 09:14AM EDTMon 09:30AM EDTMon 09:26AM EDT
N7875EC402Manassas Rgnl ()Mon 08:38AM EDTMon 09:14AM EDTMon 09:11AM EDT
N97219PA32Meriden Markham Muni ()Sun 06:44PM EDTSun 08:44PM EDTSun 08:42PM EDT
N6164BC182Lorain County Rgnl ()Sun 03:26PM EDTSun 05:53PM EDTSun 05:55PM EDT
N252HWM20TKnox County ()Sun 09:06AM EDTSun 11:08AM EDTSun 11:11AM EDT
N418KMM7PALEOSat 07:00PM EDTSat 11:15PM UTCSat 11:15PM UTC
N178JAPA34Easton/Newnam Field ()Sat 12:19PM EDTSat 12:36PM EDTSat 12:35PM EDT
N207GTTOBADelaware Coastal ()Sat 10:29AM EDTSat 11:10AM EDTSat 11:10AM EDT
N3207FM20PSt Mary's County Rgnl ()Fri 10:39PM EDTFri 11:12PM EDTFri 11:09PM EDT
N8401MPA34PALEOFri 03:51PM EDTFri 08:05PM UTCFri 08:01PM UTC
N80426PA32Smith Mountain Lake ()Fri 03:31PM EDTFri 05:10PM EDTFri 05:10PM EDT
N607KWP32RSomerset ()Thu 05:19PM EDTThu 06:24PM EDTThu 06:24PM EDT
N9WVSR22Morgantown Muni ()Wed 08:53PM EDTWed 10:00PM EDTWed 09:58PM EDT
N75612C172Clearview Airpark ()Wed 07:40PM EDTWed 08:01PM EDTWed 07:58PM EDT
N781FMC172Tipton ()Wed 06:20PM EDTWed 06:22PM EDTWed 06:22PM EDT
N93GTSR22Cape May County ()Wed 04:45PM EDTWed 05:23PM EDTWed 05:18PM EDT
N6948CP28ABurlington-Alamance Rgnl ()Wed 04:20PM EDTWed 06:21PM EDTWed 06:21PM EDT
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