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Arrivals: Hollywood Int'l Airport (Fort Lauderdale, FL) [KFLL]
N108CJC525Witham Field ()Mon 05:47AM ESTMon 06:12AM EST
NKS434A320Managua Int'l (Augusto Cesar Sandino Int'l) ()Mon 03:03AM CSTMon 06:21AM EST
NKS374A321Rafael Hernandez ()Mon 04:47AM ASTMon 05:54AM EST
NKS338A320Juan Santamaria Int'l ()Mon 02:30AM CSTMon 06:08AM EST
NKS826A320Ramon Villeda Morales Int'l ()Mon 02:29AM CSTMon 05:33AM EST
JBU1958A320El Dorado Int'l ()Mon 03:27AM COTMon 06:49AM EST
NKS597A320Minneapolis/St Paul Intl ()Mon 01:53AM CSTMon 05:53AM EST
UAL1864B739Denver Intl ()Mon 12:51AM MSTMon 06:01AM EST
NKS970A320Denver Intl ()Mon 12:29AM MSTMon 05:45AM EST
JBU100A320Los Angeles Intl ()Sun 11:20PM PSTMon 06:26AM EST
JBU278A320San Francisco Intl ()Sun 11:09PM PSTMon 06:40AM EST
JBU8A320McCarran Intl ()Sun 11:06PM PSTMon 05:58AM EST
NKS451A320Plattsburgh Intl ()Mon 02:03AM ESTMon 05:08AM EST
NKS647A319Niagara Falls Intl ()Mon 02:03AM ESTMon 04:36AM EST
UAL1155B753Newark Liberty Intl ()Mon 01:53AM ESTMon 04:13AM EST
SWA862B733Nashville Intl ()Mon 12:42AM CSTMon 03:20AM EST
VRD338A319Los Angeles Intl ()Sun 10:25PM PSTMon 05:32AM EST
AAL758A319Dallas/Fort Worth Intl ()Mon 12:24AM CSTMon 03:35AM EST
NKS954A319McCarran Intl ()Sun 10:09PM PSTMon 04:57AM EST
AAL613A320Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Mon 12:43AM ESTMon 02:10AM EST
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