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Departures: Flying Cloud Airport (Minneapolis, MN) [KFCM]
Arrival Time
CTL16AC50Lincoln ()Fri 09:40PM CDTFri 11:20PM CDT
N34MFBE9LWinona Municipal ()Fri 08:07PM CDTFri 08:34PM CDTFri 08:33PM CDT
N7YAC550Mitchell Muni ()Fri 06:01PM CDTFri 06:45PM CDTFri 06:44PM CDT
N820VBE36Middleton Muni - Morey Field ()Fri 05:53PM CDTFri 07:08PM CDTFri 07:10PM CDT
N200NWBE20Major Gilbert Field ()Fri 05:08PM CDTFri 05:52PM CDTFri 05:52PM CDT
N163TCC510Joe Foss Field ()Fri 04:56PM CDTFri 05:36PM CDTFri 05:35PM CDT
N707CBC425Des Moines Intl ()Fri 04:12PM CDTFri 05:13PM CDTFri 05:10PM CDT
N753MBC560Rolla Muni ()Fri 03:52PM CDTFri 05:19PM CDTFri 05:19PM CDT
N6272BTBM7Spirit of St Louis ()Fri 03:20PM CDTFri 04:48PM CDTFri 04:46PM CDT
N9WWBE40Salina Rgnl ()Fri 03:10PM CDTFri 04:17PM CDTFri 04:12PM CDT
N26DVC525Orange City Muni ()Fri 02:31PM CDTFri 03:03PM CDTFri 03:04PM CDT
N8963MBE35Plattsmouth Muni ()Fri 02:19PM CDTFri 04:11PM CDTFri 04:11PM CDT
N22MYTBM8Grand Forks Intl ()Fri 02:17PM CDTFri 03:27PM CDTFri 03:26PM CDT
N5000JSR22Hillsdale Muni ()Fri 01:57PM CDTFri 05:04PM EDTFri 05:04PM EDT
N410AZFA20Scottsdale ()Fri 01:56PM CDTFri 02:45PM MSTFri 02:43PM MST
N9186TC210Kenosha Rgnl ()Fri 01:27PM CDTFri 03:13PM CDTFri 03:10PM CDT
N127GABE20St Paul Holman Fld ()Fri 01:05PM CDTFri 01:17PM CDTFri 01:17PM CDT
N34MFBE9LWinona Municipal ()Fri 01:03PM CDTFri 01:32PM CDTFri 01:31PM CDT
N26NDBE9LGrand Forks Intl ()Fri 01:02PM CDTFri 02:32PM CDTFri 02:31PM CDT
N44ZTM20PBlair Muni ()Fri 12:57PM CDTFri 03:45PM EDTFri 03:41PM EDT
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