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Departures: Danbury Muni Airport (Danbury, CT) [KDXR]
Arrival Time
N612DFC172Hartford-Brainard ()Sat 03:29PM EDTSat 04:05PM EDTSat 04:05PM EDT
RLI969BE9LSullivan County Intl ()Sat 07:14PM EDTSat 07:27PM EDTSat 07:27PM EDT
N612DFC172Long Island MacArthur ()Sun 10:51AM EDTSun 12:16PM EDTSun 12:16PM EDT
N134JTP180Montreal-Trudeau ()Sun 01:09PM EDTSun 02:14PM EDTSun 02:14PM EDT
N93CQB350Martha's Vineyard ()Sun 02:10PM EDTSun 02:41PM EDTSun 02:41PM EDT
N456BKPA46Scranton Intl ()Sun 02:59PM EDTSun 03:42PM EDTSun 03:44PM EDT
GAJ832B350Delaware Coastal ()Sun 05:31PM EDTSun 06:14PM EDTSun 06:14PM EDT
N242MRM20TMontreal/Saint-Hubert ()Sun 05:35PM EDTSun 07:16PM EDTSun 07:19PM EDT
GAJ802B350Nantucket Memorial ()Mon 09:21AM EDTMon 10:03AM EDTMon 10:02AM EDT
N425RFC425Republic ()Mon 08:14PM EDTMon 08:39PM EDTMon 08:29PM EDT
RLI969BE9LNantucket Memorial ()Tue 07:04AM EDTTue 07:58AM EDTTue 07:47AM EDT
RLI904B350Lebanon Muni ()Tue 08:38AM EDTTue 09:09AM EDTTue 09:08AM EDT
N425RFC425Republic ()Tue 10:21AM EDTTue 10:39AM EDTTue 10:38AM EDT
N5926GC150Joseph Y Resnick ()Tue 12:01PM EDTTue 02:09PM EDTTue 02:09PM EDT
GAJ820B350Nantucket Memorial ()Tue 02:05PM EDTTue 02:53PM EDTTue 02:53PM EDT
N61430PA31New Castle ()Wed 08:37AM EDTWed 09:41AM EDTWed 09:40AM EDT
N196MGH25BNew Castle ()Wed 10:06AM EDTWed 10:46AM EDTWed 10:46AM EDT
N987CDSR22Republic ()Wed 10:40AM EDTWed 11:12AM EDTWed 11:12AM EDT
N80HQC510St Marys Muni ()Wed 10:50AM EDTWed 11:48AM EDTWed 11:48AM EDT
N456BKPA46Scranton Intl ()Wed 02:28PM EDTWed 03:17PM EDTWed 03:16PM EDT
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