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Arrivals: Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (Phoenix, AZ) [KDVT]
N9167MPA46 ()Thu 02:22AM UTCWed 08:31PM MST
N9SHBE35 ()Sun 11:08PM UTCSun 05:45PM MST
N160JPDA40 ()Sat 04:52PM UTCSat 11:48AM MST
N57EDBE35 ()Sat 04:31PM UTCSat 11:28AM MST
N60372C172 ()Sun 12:07AM UTCSat 07:18PM MST
N10FCC310 ()Sun 05:47PM UTCSun 12:31PM MST
N8017YPA30 ()Tue 07:10PM UTCTue 01:01PM MST
N3886NBE36 ()Wed 09:03PM UTCWed 03:53PM MST
XB-CPCR TUS 288 31Fri 06:58PM UTCFri 12:29PM MST
N700HGSR22R RZS 302 3Wed 06:36PM UTCWed 02:06PM MST
N368HPBE36R PSP 111 19Sun 09:17PM UTCSun 03:29PM MST
N27GFC172R MZB 43 58Sat 09:50PM UTCSat 05:04PM MST
N828RJC210R FFU 152 33Fri 08:52PM UTCFri 03:45PM MST
N6283PPA24R BOY 190 43Fri 03:01PM UTCFri 11:56AM MST
N234JCP28AR BLH 59 11Mon 06:26PM UTCMon 12:27PM MST
N97309C182R BLH 264 35Sun 07:03PM UTCSun 01:24PM MST
N40865PA32Hermanos Ameijeiras ()Sat 11:30AM CSTSat 12:22PM MST
N1762WBE35Hermanos Ameijeiras ()Thu 05:48PM CSTThu 05:58PM MST
N5ADRV6Hermanos Ameijeiras ()Fri 02:25PM CSTFri 02:58PM MST
N64181C172 ()Sun 01:25AM SAST07:23PM MST (-1) (?)
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