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Departures: Denton Enterprise Airport (Denton, TX) [KDTO]
Arrival Time
N1230TPA34Gainesville Muni ()Tue 07:35AM CDTTue 08:31AM CDT
N172RCC172Sulphur Springs Muni ()Tue 06:37AM CDTTue 07:45AM CDTTue 07:40AM CDT
N824JBC208Dallas Love Field ()Tue 05:52AM CDTTue 06:09AM CDTTue 06:05AM CDT
N8348MC172Denton Enterprise ()Mon 10:07PM CDTMon 11:31PM CDTMon 11:31PM CDT
N418CFB407Denton Enterprise ()Mon 09:28PM CDTMon 10:35PM CDTMon 10:35PM CDT
N757LNC152Denton Enterprise ()Mon 09:26PM CDTMon 11:09PM CDT11:09PM CDT (?)
N852ATDenton Enterprise ()Mon 08:04PM CDTMon 09:58PM CDT09:58PM CDT (?)
N67703C152Denton Enterprise ()Mon 07:54PM CDTMon 10:03PM CDTMon 10:03PM CDT
N69145C152Denton Enterprise ()Mon 07:50PM CDTMon 09:47PM CDT09:47PM CDT (?)
N48993C152Denton Enterprise ()Mon 07:49PM CDTMon 09:52PM CDTMon 09:52PM CDT
N93069C152Denton Enterprise ()Mon 07:31PM CDTMon 09:39PM CDT09:39PM CDT (?)
N15008PA34Monroe Rgnl ()Mon 07:05PM CDTMon 09:27PM CDT09:27PM CDT (?)
TTX6192FA20Tupelo Rgnl ()Mon 06:26PM CDTMon 07:42PM CDTMon 07:37PM CDT
N1160JDallas Executive ()Mon 06:25PM CDTMon 06:47PM CDT06:47PM CDT (?)
N456AGDenton Enterprise ()Mon 06:04PM CDTMon 06:08PM CDTMon 06:08PM CDT
N5442BC152Denton Enterprise ()Mon 05:44PM CDTMon 07:25PM CDTMon 07:25PM CDT
N1230TPA34Denton Enterprise ()Mon 05:43PM CDTMon 07:40PM CDT07:40PM CDT (?)
N56000PA34Denton Enterprise ()Mon 05:16PM CDTMon 06:43PM CDT06:43PM CDT (?)
N200WSPA34Denton Enterprise ()Mon 05:15PM CDTMon 05:48PM CDTMon 05:48PM CDT
N2659ZC152Denton Enterprise ()Mon 04:58PM CDTMon 07:17PM CDTMon 07:17PM CDT
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