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En Route/Scheduled to KDFW Dallas-Fort Worth Intl Airport (Dallas-Fort Worth, TX) [KDFW]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AAL1386A321Austin-Bergstrom Intl ()Tue 04:36PM CSTTue 04:46PM CSTTue 05:27PM CST
ASH5866CRJ9Quad City Intl ()Tue 03:42PM CSTTue 03:48PM CSTTue 05:28PM CST
AAL2620MD82Louisville Intl ()Tue 04:24PM ESTTue 04:41PM ESTTue 05:29PM CST
ENY5880CRJ7Corpus Christi Intl ()Tue 04:15PM CSTTue 05:29PM CST
AAL1373MD82Jacksonville Intl ()Tue 04:10PM ESTTue 04:18PM ESTTue 05:29PM CST
AAL1547A321McCarran Intl ()Tue 12:57PM PSTTue 01:12PM PSTTue 05:29PM CST
ENY3615E170Billings Logan Intl ()Tue 01:44PM MSTTue 02:13PM MSTTue 05:29PM CST
AAL294B738Norfolk Intl ()Tue 03:20PM ESTTue 03:31PM ESTTue 05:30PM CST
SKW4546CRJ9Minneapolis/St Paul Intl ()Tue 03:17PM CSTTue 03:39PM CSTTue 05:30PM CST
AAL550A321Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl ()Tue 02:25PM MSTTue 02:32PM MSTTue 05:30PM CST
ASH5802CRJ7Midland Intl Air and Space Port ()Tue 04:24PM CSTTue 04:41PM CSTTue 05:31PM CST
AAL1439B738Nashville Intl ()Tue 03:20PM CSTTue 03:52PM CSTTue 05:31PM CST
ENY3694E170Columbia Metropolitan ()Tue 04:05PM ESTTue 04:15PM ESTTue 05:31PM CST
AAL2213A321Miami Intl ()Tue 03:40PM ESTTue 03:52PM ESTTue 05:31PM CST
ENY3270E170Springfield ()Tue 04:16PM CSTTue 04:38PM CSTTue 05:32PM CST
ENY5802CRJ7Midland Intl Air and Space Port ()Tue 04:24PM CSTTue 05:32PM CST
ENY3577E170Tallahassee Intl ()Tue 04:29PM ESTTue 04:41PM ESTTue 05:33PM CST
AAL2627B738Raleigh-Durham Intl ()Tue 03:43PM ESTTue 03:54PM ESTTue 05:33PM CST
AAL1426A319Cleveland-Hopkins Intl ()Tue 03:50PM ESTTue 03:55PM ESTTue 05:33PM CST
ASH5869CRJ9Amarillo Intl ()Tue 04:20PM CSTTue 04:40PM CSTTue 05:33PM CST
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