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Arrivals: St Louis Downtown Airport (Cahokia/St Louis, IL) [KCPS]
N6094QM20PR VIH 222 27Sat 05:49PM UTCSat 12:34PM CST
N231GVMO20R TCC 50 5Sat 09:39PM UTCSat 07:47PM CST
N9243FC182R GHM 170 29Fri 11:36PM UTCFri 07:25PM CST
N300UMR FATSS 94 37Tue 06:19PM UTCTue 12:49PM CST
CBN668GC172R FATSS 79 23Sun 03:14PM UTCSun 09:48AM CST
N28487LNC4R FATSS 272 24Fri 01:20PM UTCFri 07:38AM CST
N6538FR ENL 111 11Sat 01:21AM UTCFri 08:00PM CST
BKN29DA20R CGI 254 4Fri 01:09AM UTCThu 08:11PM CST
BKN26Near Olathe, KSFri 08:13AM CSTFri 08:18AM CST
BKN26Near Olathe, KSTue 08:13AM CSTTue 08:17AM CST
BKN29Near Olathe, KSFri 08:02AM CSTFri 08:06AM CST
BKN24Near Olathe, KSFri 03:06PM CSTFri 03:10PM CST
BKN26Near Olathe, KSSat 02:55PM CSTSat 02:59PM CST
BKN29Near Olathe, KSThu 03:42PM CSTThu 03:45PM CST
BKN23Near Olathe, KSMon 01:23PM CSTMon 01:25PM CST
BKN27Near Cahokia/St Louis, ILFri 10:38AM CSTFri 10:41AM CST
BKN25Near Cahokia/St Louis, ILFri 10:36AM CSTFri 10:45AM CST
BBA13Near Cahokia/St Louis, ILFri 08:42AM CSTFri 08:43AM CST
CNS794PC12Zanesville Muni ()Fri 05:14PM ESTFri 06:04PM CST
N180AVP180Willow Run ()Thu 10:44PM ESTThu 11:17PM CST
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