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Departures: Burlington Muni Airport (Burlington, WI) [KBUU]
Arrival Time
N442GMSR20Chicago/Rockford Intl ()Mon 03:50PM CDTMon 04:12PM CDTMon 04:12PM CDT
N553RWPC12Lynchburg Rgnl ()Tue 10:13AM CDTTue 01:12PM EDTTue 01:12PM EDT
N62NGPC12Johnson County Executive ()Mon 08:31PM CDTMon 10:19PM CDTMon 10:16PM CDT
N5RBPAY1Ohio State University ()Sun 12:50PM CDTSun 03:03PM EDTSun 03:03PM EDT
N4946RPA46Eagle River Union ()Sun 02:10PM CDTSun 03:21PM CDTSun 03:21PM CDT
N4946RPA46Eagle River Union ()Thu 03:32PM CDTThu 04:52PM CDTThu 04:53PM CDT
N8426GPA34Rantoul Natl Avn Cntr ()Sun 07:26AM CDTSun 08:28AM CDTSun 08:23AM CDT
N1622PPA32Washington Muni ()Fri 10:12AM CDTFri 11:23AM CDTFri 11:23AM CDT
N602SPP337General Mitchell Intl ()Thu 11:48AM CDTThu 12:04PM CDTThu 12:03PM CDT
N8239VP28AOakland County Intl ()Sun 12:11AM CDTSun 02:44AM EDTSun 02:43AM EDT
N721SMP28ALake in the Hills ()Thu 04:22PM CDTThu 04:41PM CDTThu 04:41PM CDT
N9709MM20TDupage ()Thu 12:12AM CDTThu 12:45AM CDTThu 12:45AM CDT
N720GBLJ45Richard I Bong ()Thu 02:12PM CDTThu 03:11PM CDTThu 03:06PM CDT
EJA605C56XMason County ()Sat 03:42PM CDTSat 05:04PM EDTSat 05:05PM EDT
N22HBC310Tomahawk Rgnl ()Sun 10:32AM CDTSun 11:32AM CDTSun 11:32AM CDT
N12KFC210Washington Rgnl ()Fri 10:51AM CDTFri 12:36PM CDTFri 12:30PM CDT
N34133C177Michigan City Muni-Phillips Field ()Sun 07:27AM CDTSun 08:26AM CDTSun 08:23AM CDT
N34133C177Wausau Downtown ()Sat 07:19AM CDTSat 08:28AM CDTSat 08:28AM CDT
N34133C177Lake in the Hills ()Thu 10:32AM CDTThu 11:10AM CDTThu 11:02AM CDT
N378MAC172Waukegan Rgnl ()Thu 01:19PM CDTThu 01:33PM CDTThu 01:33PM CDT
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