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Departures: Boeing Field Intl Airport (Seattle, WA) [KBFI]
Arrival Time
APC50PA31Felts Field ()Tue 12:25AM PSTTue 02:05AM PSTTue 01:29AM PST
CNK821CL30Calgary Int'l ()Mon 09:26PM PSTMon 11:28PM MSTMon 11:28PM MST
UPS989B763Ontario Intl ()Mon 08:27PM PSTMon 10:24PM PSTMon 10:24PM PST
UPS987B752Chicago/Rockford Intl ()Mon 07:43PM PSTTue 12:44AM CSTTue 12:44AM CST
UPS981B763Louisville Intl ()Mon 07:32PM PSTTue 01:54AM ESTTue 01:54AM EST
APC54PA31Felts Field ()Mon 06:42PM PSTMon 08:07PM PSTMon 08:00PM PST
UPS983B763Louisville Intl ()Mon 06:38PM PSTTue 01:05AM ESTTue 01:05AM EST
AMF1972Spokane Intl ()Mon 05:31PM PSTMon 06:28PM PSTMon 06:28PM PST
AMF1972BE99Spokane Intl ()Mon 05:31PM PSTMon 04:56PM PSTMon 06:31PM PST
AMF1976BE99Spokane Intl ()Mon 05:15PM PSTMon 06:01PM PSTMon 05:32PM PST
AMF1996E120Yakima Air Terminal ()Mon 04:58PM PSTMon 05:21PM PSTMon 05:21PM PST
AMF1987E120Tri-Cities ()Mon 04:41PM PSTMon 05:26PM PSTMon 05:14PM PST
AMF1970B190Pangborn Memorial ()Mon 04:36PM PSTMon 05:01PM PSTMon 04:58PM PST
AMF1982BE99Arlington Muni ()Mon 04:33PM PSTMon 04:58PM PSTMon 04:50PM PST
AMF1962B190Bellingham Intl ()Mon 04:31PM PSTMon 05:02PM PSTMon 04:56PM PST
AMF1974SW4Walla Walla Rgnl ()Mon 04:21PM PSTMon 05:16PM PSTMon 04:58PM PST
AMF1951SW4Lewiston-Nez Perce County ()Mon 04:04PM PSTMon 05:09PM PSTMon 04:49PM PST
KEN6362C208Orcas Island ()Mon 03:31PM PSTMon 04:09PM PSTMon 04:09PM PST
KEN19C208Friday Harbor ()Mon 03:25PM PSTMon 04:00PM PST04:00PM PST (?)
IAX601BE10Abbotsford Int'l ()Mon 03:21PM PSTMon 03:54PM PSTMon 03:54PM PST
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