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En Route/Scheduled to KATL Hartsfield-Jackson Intl Airport (Atlanta, GA) [KATL]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
DAL94B77LNarita Int'l ()Wed 04:25PM JSTWed 04:38PM JSTWed 03:16PM EDT
DAL25B764Dusseldorf Int'l ()Wed 09:30AM CESTWed 09:41AM CESTWed 12:58PM EDT
DLH444A343Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 10:00AM CESTWed 10:37AM CESTWed 02:05PM EDT
DAL131B764Munich Int'l ()Wed 10:10AM CESTWed 10:31AM CESTWed 02:25PM EDT
DAL117B763Stuttgart Echterdingen ()Wed 10:30AM CESTWed 10:37AM CESTWed 02:41PM EDT
VIR103A333London Heathrow ()Wed 09:30AM BSTWed 09:59AM BSTWed 01:53PM EDT
DAL15B764Frankfurt Int'l ()Wed 10:30AM CESTWed 10:44AM CESTWed 02:16PM EDT
DAL73B744Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 10:55AM CESTWed 11:08AM CESTWed 01:52PM EDT
AFR682B772Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Wed 11:00AM CESTWed 11:14AM CESTWed 02:30PM EDT
DAL109B764Barajas Int'l ()Wed 11:00AM CESTWed 11:11AM CESTWed 02:30PM EDT
DAL81B763Brussels ()Wed 11:05AM CESTWed 11:16AM CESTWed 02:39PM EDT
VIR109A333Manchester ()Wed 10:35AM BSTWed 10:45AM BSTWed 02:26PM EDT
DAL2014MD90Syracuse Hancock Intl ()Wed 05:45AM EDTWed 11:28AM EDTWed 01:04PM EDT
DAL65A333Leonardo da Vinci Int'l (Fiumicino Int'l) ()Wed 12:15PM CESTWed 12:36PM CESTWed 05:39PM EDT
VIR115A333London Heathrow ()Wed 11:35AM BSTWed 11:45AM BSTWed 03:39PM EDT
DAL177B763Dublin Int'l ()Wed 11:55AM ISTWed 12:03PM ISTWed 03:37PM EDT
DAL75B764Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 01:25PM CESTWed 01:37PM CESTWed 04:47PM EDT
DAL29B764London Heathrow ()Wed 12:50PM BSTWed 12:59PM BSTWed 04:59PM EDT
AFR688B744Charles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Wed 01:55PM CESTWed 02:31PM CESTWed 05:16PM EDT
DAL980B752El Dorado Int'l ()Wed 07:10AM COTWed 09:42AM COTWed 01:27PM EDT
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