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Arrivals: Albany Intl Airport (Albany, NY) [KALB]
N25DF ()Sun 04:48PM UTCSun 01:38PM EDT
N41JAPA32Dr. Luis Maria Argana Int'l ()Mon 06:18PM PYTMon 07:23PM EDT
N854GWDr. Luis Maria Argana Int'l ()Sun 04:19PM PYTSun 05:27PM EDT
N480YMaria Cristina (Iligan) ()Sat 10:46PM PHTSat 12:18PM EDT
N961DAP28AMaria Cristina (Iligan) ()Thu 08:15AM PHTWed 08:57PM EDT
N67WAPA28Maria Cristina (Iligan) ()Thu 02:57AM PHTWed 03:33PM EDT
N96VAP28AMaria Cristina (Iligan) ()Mon 08:10AM PHTSun 08:41PM EDT
N791PSDA40Maria Cristina (Iligan) ()Thu 12:38AM PHTWed 01:12PM EDT
N967DAPA28Maria Cristina (Iligan) ()Mon 06:26AM PHTSun 06:57PM EDT
N480YMO20Maria Cristina (Iligan) ()Sat 10:50PM PHTSat 11:20AM EDT
N9191VPA32Maria Cristina (Iligan) ()Tue 09:34AM PHTMon 10:17PM EDT
N39WFL39RABIKTue 12:58AM PGTMon 11:40AM EDT
N46AFC172R LEB 262 9Sat 04:36AM UTCSat 01:24AM EDT
N3940MP28R LEB 241 21Mon 11:15PM UTCMon 07:58PM EDT
N685DWR LEB 229 13Thu 05:10PM UTCThu 01:52PM EDT
KAP826C402R ART 64 71Tue 09:24PM UTCTue 06:11PM EDT
KAP826C402R ART 63 72Mon 05:03PM UTCMon 01:48PM EDT
KAP826R ART 62 73Wed 11:13AM UTCWed 07:59AM EDT
N67WAP28AOneonta Muni ()Fri 01:25PM EDTFri 01:59PM EDT
N4722WAC11Wellsboro Johnston ()Sun 06:49PM EDTSun 08:01PM EDT
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