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Arrivals: Greene County-Lewis a Jackson Rgnl Airport (Dayton, OH) [I19]
N8883KS108Clark Rgnl ()Sat 10:41AM EDTSat 12:02PM EDT
N8395YP28AEagle Creek Airpark ()Sat 02:00PM EDTSat 02:58PM EDT
N9297PPA24Lewis University ()Sat 05:27PM CDTSat 07:40PM EDT
N110FLSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sat 07:47PM EDTSat 08:46PM EDT
N89KWSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sat 07:55PM EDTSat 08:48PM EDT
N348CDSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sat 07:57PM EDTSat 08:51PM EDT
N184KTSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sat 08:02PM EDTSat 08:59PM EDT
N545TVSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sat 08:09PM EDTSat 09:03PM EDT
N777RYSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sat 08:20PM EDTSat 09:06PM EDT
N85WFSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sat 08:22PM EDTSat 09:08PM EDT
N407CDSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sat 08:31PM EDTSat 09:23PM EDT
N20LLP28AAbraham Lincoln Capital ()Sun 07:17AM CDTSun 10:26AM EDT
N471TTSR20Indianapolis Executive ()Sun 09:22AM EDTSun 10:56AM EDT
N871JBBE58Willow Run ()Sun 02:53PM EDTSun 03:43PM EDT
N9297PPA24Green-Warren Co Rgnl ()Sun 04:20PM CDTSun 07:37PM EDT
N110FLSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sun 07:28PM EDTSun 08:14PM EDT
N89KWSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sun 07:41PM EDTSun 08:26PM EDT
N348CDSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sun 07:40PM EDTSun 08:30PM EDT
N545TVSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sun 07:48PM EDTSun 08:37PM EDT
N184KTSR22Erie-Ottawa Intl ()Sun 07:48PM EDTSun 08:42PM EDT
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