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Scheduled Departures: Bole Int'l Airport (Addis Ababa) [HAAB]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ETH3913B772N'Djamena Int'l ()Thu 06:00AM EATThu 07:50AM WAT
ETH206B738Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma Int'l ()Thu 07:00AM EATThu 07:50AM EAT
ETH126DH8BBahir Dar ()Thu 07:00AM EATThu 07:50AM EAT
ETH100B738Alula Aba ()Thu 07:00AM EATThu 08:05AM EAT
ETH200DH8BAba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma Int'l ()Thu 07:30AM EATThu 08:20AM EAT
ETH124DH8BGondar ()Thu 07:30AM EATThu 08:20AM EAT
ETH128DH8BAxum ()Thu 08:00AM EATThu 09:20AM EAT
ETH139DH8BGambela ()Thu 08:00AM EATThu 09:05AM EAT
ETH155DH8BAwasa ()Thu 08:00AM EATThu 08:33AM EAT
ETH112DH8BAlula Aba ()Thu 08:00AM EATThu 09:15AM EAT
ETH118DH8BCombolcha ()Thu 08:05AM EATThu 08:46AM EAT
ETH122DH8BGondar ()Thu 08:10AM EATThu 09:05AM EAT
ETH120DH8BBahir Dar ()Thu 08:10AM EATThu 09:00AM EAT
ETH302A359Jomo Kenyatta Int'l ()Thu 08:15AM EATThu 10:15AM EAT
ETH847B788Cape Town Int'l ()Thu 08:25AM EATThu 01:45PM SAST
ETH921B77LKotoka Int'l ()Thu 08:30AM EATThu 11:00AM GMT
ETH214DH8BAba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma Int'l ()Thu 08:30AM EATThu 09:20AM EAT
ETH937B737Diori Hamani Int'l ()Thu 08:30AM EATThu 11:55AM WAT
ETH927B738Ouagadougou ()Thu 08:35AM EATThu 11:45AM GMT
ETH829B738Victoria Falls ()Thu 08:35AM EATThu 12:05PM CAT
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