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En Route/Scheduled to GCRR Arrecife (Lanzarote) Airport (Arrecife) [GCRR]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
ANE500CRJ9Gran Canaria Int'l ()Wed 07:00AM WETWed 07:42AM WET
TOS781AT72Gran Canaria Int'l ()Wed 07:10AM WETWed 08:07AM WET
RYR2017B738Barajas Int'l ()Wed 07:05AM CETWed 07:20AM CETWed 08:21AM WET
RYR6208B738Weeze ()Wed 07:00AM CETWed 07:15AM CETWed 09:51AM WET
IBB590AT72Gran Canaria Int'l ()Wed 09:30AM WETWed 10:07AM WET
JAF3453B737Brussels ()Wed 07:05AM CETWed 10:13AM WET
RYR7124B738Dublin Int'l ()Wed 06:15AM GMTWed 06:41AM GMTWed 10:35AM WET
RYR1448B738Birmingham Int'l ()Wed 06:45AM GMTWed 06:51AM GMTWed 10:46AM WET
RYR2131B738Manchester ()Wed 06:40AM GMTWed 06:48AM GMTWed 11:03AM WET
TUI2236B738Gran Canaria Int'l ()Wed 10:35AM WETWed 11:12AM WET
RYR8288B738London Stansted ()Wed 07:15AM GMTWed 07:25AM GMTWed 11:20AM WET
EZY8681A320London Gatwick ()Wed 07:40AM GMTWed 07:41AM GMTWed 11:22AM WET
NAY510AT72Gran Canaria Int'l ()Wed 10:45AM WETWed 11:22AM WET
VLG2472A320Barcelona Int'l ()Wed 10:00AM CETWed 11:55AM WET
IBS3856A320Barajas Int'l ()Wed 11:30AM CETWed 01:05PM WET
NAY514AT72Gran Canaria Int'l ()Wed 01:15PM WETWed 01:52PM WET
TVS2040B738Prague Ruzyne Int'l ()Wed 11:00AM CETWed 02:55PM WET
RYR4895B738Bologna (Guglielmo Marconi) ()Wed 12:45PM CETWed 04:05PM WET
RYR4755B738Bristol Int'l ()Wed 12:30PM GMTWed 04:30PM WET
EZS1249Bale Mulhouse ()Wed 01:20PM CETWed 04:35PM WET
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