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Cancelled Arrivals: OR Tambo Int'l Airport (Johannesburg) [FAOR]
SAA566A320King Shaka Int'l ()Wed 04:40PM SAST
SAA326A319Cape Town Int'l ()Wed 01:10PM SAST
SAA6725B733Harare Int'l ()Tue 04:00PM CAT
SAA281A346Perth Int'l ()Tue 10:30AM AWST
SAA570A319King Shaka Int'l ()Mon 06:00PM SAST
SAA534B738King Shaka Int'l ()Mon 08:45AM SAST
SAA542A320King Shaka Int'l ()Sun 10:55AM SAST
SAA6747B733N'Djili Int'l ()Fri 02:55PM WAT
CAW6282B734Victoria Falls ()Fri 03:35PM CAT
SAA6757B733Maputo Int'l ()Fri 10:30AM CAT
SAA6834B733Cape Town Int'l ()Fri 05:40AM SAST
SAA554A319King Shaka Int'l ()Wed 01:40PM SAST
SAA6725B733Harare Int'l ()Tue 04:00PM CAT
BOT211AT43Maun ()Tue 03:50PM CAT
SAA6727B733Dar es Salaam ()Tue 04:10PM EAT
SAA89A320Nnamdi Azikiwe Int'l ()Mon 03:10PM WAT
SAA314A319Cape Town Int'l ()Mon 09:25AM SAST
SAA3376A320Cape Town Int'l ()
THY39A333Maputo Int'l ()Sun 06:15PM CAT
THY38A333Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Sun 11:20AM EET
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