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Arrivals: OR Tambo Int'l Airport (Johannesburg) [FAOR]
MPH8371Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 12:08AM CEST10:53AM SAST (?)
MPH8531Amsterdam Schiphol ()Thu 12:18AM CEST11:03AM SAST (?)
FJW8101Near HarareMon 06:50AM CATMon 08:18AM SAST
MPH8371Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 12:33AM CEST10:30AM SAST (?)
OPM003Near GaboroneFri 05:06PM CATFri 05:42PM SAST
MPH8341Amsterdam Schiphol ()Fri 01:08AM CEST10:30AM SAST (?)
MPH8341Amsterdam Schiphol ()Thu 11:57PM CEST10:42AM SAST (+1) (?)
FJW8101Harare Int'l ()Fri 06:33AM CATFri 08:08AM SAST
FJW8101Harare Int'l ()Sat 06:57AM CATSat 08:21AM SAST
LAM301Near MaputoFri 07:07AM SASTFri 08:04AM SAST
FJW8501Near GaboroneSun 01:22PM SASTSun 01:58PM SAST
OPM103Near TshwaneMon 04:40PM SASTMon 05:07PM SAST
OPM002Near GaboroneSun 11:44AM SASTSun 12:26PM SAST
MPH8321Amsterdam Schiphol ()Wed 12:21AM CEST10:30AM SAST (?)
FJW8101Near HarareMon 06:53AM CATMon 08:19AM SAST
MPH8561Amsterdam Schiphol ()Sat 10:45PM CEST09:30AM SAST (+1) (?)
ZT-RMMNear TshwaneWed 03:40PM SASTWed 03:55PM SAST
SAA8744RJ85Pietermaritzburg ()Thu 04:58PM SASTThu 05:41PM SAST
SAA8742RJ85Pietermaritzburg ()Mon 06:45PM SASTMon 07:22PM SAST
SAA8153RJ85Ndola ()Mon 01:14PM CATMon 01:53PM SAST
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